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What is plastics injection molding machine? Best Guide 2022

2022/01/31 By 兰兹

plastics injection molding machine

A plastic injection molding machine is also known as a forming machine, injection molding machine, or glue machine. They are commonly good in injection molding technology lines.

The plastic injection machine keeps the mold closed while pushing the molten plastic by injection pressure into the mold core. It fills the mold cavity and opens the mold after the product cools. The product will then be pushed out through the core system.

Different Brands of pressure molding machine

There are many types of plastic injection machines from different brands on the market. These are classified according to the pressure of the device. The plastic mold maker will choose the suitable machine based on the machine’s parameters. Please continue to read the following content to learn an overview of plastic injection machines!

Plastic injection molding machine structure

The plastic injection molding machine consists of 2 main components: the mold clamping and the plastic injection.

Mold clamping part: includes fixed mold clamp part and movable mold clamp part. The fixed mold clamp has a clamping function that holds the mold in place so that the mold positions accurately. Thanks to the mold’s locating ring and the machine’s positioning hole. The movable die clamp is suitable for clamping the movable side mold half.

This part moves in a reciprocating direction parallel to the opening and closing direction of the mold. Open and close the mold during the plastic injection molding machine cycle, and arrange with a push rod to help act on the pin ejection plate, pushing the product out.

plastics injection molding machine

The plastic injection part

The plastic injection part is the part that uses temperature to convert the plastic fuel from a solid to a liquid form. It pushes the molten plastic into the mold by forcing pressure through the screw system and the nozzle.

Besides these two main parts, the plastic injection machine also adds a cooling system, a robot, or other support systems.

How are plastic injection machines classified?

Plastic injection molding machines are classified into two main types: Horizontal injection molding machinery and Vertical injection molding machinery. These two machines operate on the same principle. However, in terms of layout, there is a difference between them. Vertical machines take up space in height, and horizontal machines take up space in width.

Horizontal and vertical plastic injection machine

Horizontal plastic injection machines are more commonly good because they are cheaper, safer, and more versatile than vertical ones. Vertical injection molding machines are often good in companies. They make insert molds and change cores directly on the injection molding machine because it brings convenience to the operator.

Working principle of plastic injection molding machine

This Plastic injection molding machine works like a syringe that we are good to see. Liquid plastic is injected to fill the mold cavity, and the cooling system will cool down to take the product out.

First, the material is put into the hopper, melted by heating rods at a suitable temperature, and converted to liquid. Then, the liquid plastic is led forward by the screw (rotation); the screw also moves back to create a space in front of the nozzle for the plastic to overflow.

Thanks to the thrust of the screw (not rotating), the molten plastic is injected into the mold.

The cooling system for the shape of the product

After the mold cavity is filled with plastic, the cooling system of the plastic injection molding machine will convert the plastic from liquid to solid to shape the product in the mold cavity. Next, the movable mold clamp opens the mold to a predetermined distance, pushing the product out by the back of the press, which exerts a force on the ejector pin system of the mold at a predetermined length.

Famous plastic injection machine brands in the market.

Plastic injection molding machine brands are mainly manufactured in countries with the world’s top injection molding technology level.

Famous plastic injection companies prefer machines from the US, Japan, Germany, or Australia because their products have a long life and high stability. Plastic injection molding machines from Chinese brands are also viral thanks to their more affordable prices.

However, the product’s life is not high, there is a lack of stability, and the electrical system is short-lived. The designer must have basic knowledge of plastic injection molding machines to design a plastic mold.

plastics injection molding machine 2022

Where to buy a plastic injection machine at an affordable price?

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Ensuring product quality at a competitive price

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Classification of Plastic injection molding machine:

Plastic Extrusion Machine

It is an extrusion machine. The form of the plastic extrusion machine can be continuous or semi-continuous.

However, the Extrusion Process has the same Main Operating Principle as Plastic Injection Molding Machine. However, the design of the plastic mold is different when the extruded plastic product is a continuous or interrupted form of a Tube or long rod.

Is to use plastic injection mold good? Usually, plastic injection molds shape popular products in daily life and consumption.

Plastic blow molding machine:

Most commonly, the products below are inside, including Bottles, Bottles, and Tanks…This Plastic injection molding machine uses Compressed Air to blow the Inflated Plastic into the mold.

Plastic laminating machine:

In conclusion, these machines use sheet molds, extrude plastic sheets, and conduct hot rolling. For this product, in addition to the quality requirements of the plastic and the mold, it is necessary to undergo the rolling and shaping stage for the plastic sheets.

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