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How to Start A Business with Mini Cnc Machine?

2022/01/31 By LZ

Mini Cnc Machine 2022

CNC machine construction

Many points depict the control mechanism of a mini cnc machine table consisting of a servo motor and actuator. The control commands make the servo motor rotate; the rotation of the servo motor transmit to the lead screw through the coupling. When the lead screw rotates, the nut moves straight, and finally the table with the workpiece moves along.

Furthermore, it shows the spindle assembly including the spindle motor (usually asynchronous motor) and the cutter head. The rotation of the spindle motor transmits to the cutter head through a belt drive to change the speed and torque of the cutter head.

Drive motors and sensors of a mini cnc machine

The term “drive motor” includes both the table-moving servo motor and the spindle motor. The spindle is a device that generates cutting speed and torque by rotating a tool or workpiece. High torque and high speed are very important for spindle motors. Therefore, asynchronous motors are often common.

The table-moving servo motor needs characteristics such as high torque, instantaneous acceleration and fast response at low speed. It can control speed and position simultaneously.

Mini Cnc Machine

Types of servo motors commonly common in CNC machines

DC servo motor

The DC servo motor controller can easily design using a simple circuit because the torque is directly proportional to the current. The speed range of mini cnc machine is very wide and the cost is low. However, when the engine power increases, the temperature of the engine also increases. The friction between the rotor and the brush leads to brush wear and noise. DC servo motors need periodic brush maintenance.

Synchronous AC servo motor

The synchronous type AC servo motor is called a “brushless servo motor”. The motor structure allows the stator core to cool directly from the outside, thus counteracting the temperature rise in the motor. AC synchronous servo motor has no maximum speed limit due to no spark. High torque can achieve at high speed range. In addition, mini cnc machine is also brushless so it can operate for a long time without maintenance.

Asynchronous AC servo motor

The asynchronous AC servo motor has a simple structure and does not need to sense the deviation of the relative position between the rotor and the stator. However, it cannot stop instantaneously, unlike AC servo motors.

Encoder for detects the current position of the motor shaft

The device that detects the current position of the motor shaft for position control calls an encoder and attach to the end of the motor shaft. To control velocity of mini cnc machine, velocity needs to be measured by a sensor or calculated as the number of pulses generated per unit time.

Guide system for axes

Ball screws are common to move the table because they have low friction and very small displacement. By resulting in high transmission efficiency and high positioning accuracy. The guide common is a slide rail also known as a linear slide (LM) is common to increase the accuracy and smoothness of linear motion.

How much does mini cnc machine cost to make molds?

Mold is the foundation of modern manufacturing industry, applied in a variety of fields. With the strong rise of the industry, the level of technology has improved and changed a lot to improve mold making.

There are many businesses that pay special attention to the price of mold making services. However, the issue of mold prices is only the beginning. If it is necessary to calculate and plan the overall cost of plastic injection molding of a project, not only the price factor but also many other important factors. Consider the cost of materials, operation and repair fix the mold later.

In general terms of cost to make cnc machine molds

Depending on the structure and complexity of mini cnc machine processing, the cost of the mold has many differences. Plastic injection mold prices can range from $1,000 to $80,000, with a typical mold around $12,000 on average.

The factors that determine the cost of a mold are many, such as the detailed size of the required parts. The complexity of the mold structure, the expected material and the expected quantity. Therefore, in order to give the most accurate price for a type of mold. It takes some time to calculate all the above factors, to come up with a most reasonable price for both sides.

Mini Cnc Machine 2022

Is injection molding technology cheap?

If you are in the process of considering the cost of multiple mini cnc machine. You may find that injection molding is one of the most cost-effective forms of manufacturing. Because injection molding technology allows creating a huge number of products with only one mold. The price per product is cheap.

This will be more evident through long-term projects, which means that the initial cost of making molds may be high. But the price of the project will be more optimal as production continues in the future.

The cost of making plastic injection molds

Calculating injection molding costs is extremely important for any manufacturing project.  One of the first steps in calculating the cost of mini cnc machine base on the requirements and characteristics of the product:

  • Prototyping time
  • How does the bond look like?
  • What production technology should be common?
  • Complexity in production
  • Determining these factors will help make an estimate of whether the mold product costs high or low.

Cost of injection molding materials

An important factor related to mold price is the choice of injection molding material. Moreover, the material of injection molding also relates to how the mold produce, with what material it manufactures.

Labor cost to operate

The cost to hire workers to operate mini cnc machine is quite low, due to the very good application of automation in the plastic production line. This also a fix cost that the manufacturing unit needs to include in the mold cost calculation.

Cost of machine operating time

The production time of the machine will affect by many factors. If the machine operating cycle is longer, the impact on energy. Machine wear and labor will also increase accordingly. There are several factors that can affect the amount of machine uptime:

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