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CNC Wood Cutting Machine: Best to boost Business in 2022

2022/03/01 By LZ

CNC Wood Cutting Machine

Criteria for choosing a CNC woodworking machine

Modern CNC wood cutting machine are not just a pile of metal with precise mechanics, but computerized and automated technically complex devices. Moreover, the use of numerical programming and computerization leads to an increase in productivity, an increase in the accuracy of the work performed.

CNC Wood Cutting Machine

How to choose CNC woodworking machines?

Woodworking equipment is widely common in furniture workshops, industrial woodworking enterprises, design centers. When choosing a CNC machine for woodworking, it is first necessary to determine such parameters.

How is a CNC wood cutting machine work?

The data of the required product is given to the computer using an input device. Moreover, having loaded the task, the computer, using the appropriate program, sends commands to the control device that controls the operation of the equipment until the finished product receives.

In practice, this is how it works. A wooden blank attach to the working part. Having a full-fledged drawing of the part, the operator sets a few simple commands on the control panel.

Moreover, CNC wood cutting machine indicates the set of required tools. The order in which they should replace and the route, and the speed of rotation of the spindle. Then the program starts and at the output we have a finished part.

CNC woodworking machine table dimensions

As a rule, the size of the CNC machine table indicates the maximum processing area and the possible dimensions of the workpiece to process. It is necessary to decide for what products and purposes the machine will serve, it will be:

  • Carved elements of interior decor;
  • Door fronts;
  • Overhead parts with wood carvings.

The dimensions must cover the largest dimensions of the part

For overhead threading, you can install a table with a size of 550×850 mm in CNC wood cutting machine. Moreover, the processing carved facades, carved frames, wall panels, and paintings – the size of the table should be around 1300×1300 mm.

For the manufacture of doors, the size of the countertop must correspond to the dimensions of the doors. And can be in the range of 1200×1700 mm or 1200×2600 mm. And for processing small souvenirs, a CNC machine is suitable, which has a tabletop size of 320×320, 380×380 or 420×420 mm.

CNC wood cutting machine Spindle type and power

Moreover, it must be said right away that collector electric motors that are common on hand-held devices such as “cresses” and “makits” are not suitable for professional processing. They are easy to cut for 30 minutes, or milled for no more than 5 minutes.

 They do not withstand the duration of constant work for 9-15 hours (often more than a day). Only asynchronous motors with a frequency converter can work for a long time.

What spindle power to install for processing different materials?

For the production of small souvenirs, jewelry models, overhead carved wooden elements. Moreover, it is enough to choose a spindle with a power of 1.6-2.3 kW of CNC wood cutting machine.

 For milling wood to a depth of more than 7 cm, cutting and cutting plywood, cutting MDF with panel cutters – the spindle power selects at least 2.9 kW. For milling PTFE products, a 1.6 kW spindle is easy to select.

Spindles differ in the way of cooling: water or air. As a rule, convenient and inexpensive water-cooled spindles are common in woodworking.

Workpiece height affects CNC machine selection

Moreover, the thickness or height of the workpiece affects the height of the “Z” point during CNC machine selection. This is the distance from the tabletop to the beam, where the spindle carriage fixes and moves.

For the manufacture of promotional items, cutting materials, woodcarving, it is enough to install a CNC wood cutting machine with a height along the “Z” coordinate of 110-160 mm. During the processing of massive and large wooden parts. Moreover, you can install a machine with a height of 210-310 mm and above.

Control method of wood cutting machine

There are three ways to manage:

  1. Port and computer, usually LPT;
  2. Control board and computer;
  3. Standalone console.

The first method is amateur, and is not suitable for professional work. The second option involves the purchase of a computer, the convenience lies in the fact that the processing process shows on the monitor, processing emulation is possible. Moreover, one PC is enough for modeling / preparation and for cutting parts.

CNC Wood Cutting Machine 2022

Main advantage of the CNC wood cutting machine

The main advantage of the remote control (NC Studio) is full integration with the machine, even during a power outage. The CNC machine will remember the position and start working from the point of completion, ease of operation and good dust protection. Moreover, a computer is important to compile a numerical program for the equipment.

As practice shows, when choosing a woodworking machine with automatic tool change, with rotary axes or with several spindles, it is better to install NC Studio control. This system ensures the correct operation of all organs and systems of the CNC router.

Reliability with high-quality parts

CNC wood cutting machine this case, the main parameter is the weight of the machine. Moreover, if you have a 1300×1300 machine weighing 250-350 kg, this indicates poor performance and poor installation design. To work effectively, this equipment should weigh 450-550 kg. Also, the equipment of the device with high-quality parts and assemblies also affects the efficiency of work.

Moreover, CNC woodworking machines are easy to develop taking into account the material process and in the tasks performed in several modifications: heavy, medium, light. All series of the machine differ in weight, cross-section of installed metal structures, bed design, etc. All this reflects in the price of equipment.

Powerful spindles, with automatic tool change and servo motors

High speed CNC wood cutting machine are quite expensive. More economical and proven in the processing of wood – devices with stepper motors. Moreover, the choice of an electric motor for a CNC machine will depend on the type of milling, the material being processed, and the tasks assigned.

In the middle range of the cost of CNC machines, as a rule, a rack and pinion drive or a ball screw pair is installed as a drive. Ball screws are an excellent choice for small devices, their movement speed is 7-11 m / min, the accuracy is up to 0.03 mm for every 30 cm of length.

Moreover, the gear rack of CNC wood cutting machine accelerates to 25-45 m / min, the milling accuracy is slightly lower – 0.06 mm for every 30 cm. For cutting and milling particle boards, wood, polyamide, acrylic, composite, this is usually enough.

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