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Dehumidifier Dryer Features and Application 2022

2022/05/11 By LZ

Dehumidifier Dryer

Dryers – Efficient and Economical

Firstly, one of the main advantages of the dehumidifier dryer is the possibility of its use both for drying wet raw materials, material before processing, and before packaging or transportation. 

Dehumidifier Dryer

It is compact, quiet, stable and easy to mount on the floor or in addition to polymer drying equipment, excellent for plastics applications.

Secondly, hot air evenly distributed inside the steel tank allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare raw materials for further processing. 

This happens with the help of special fans that speed up and improve the workflow. Further, it is specially design dryers for plastic granules with a diameter of 2-5 mm equip with temperature controllers and thermostats, which increase the safety of the device.

Dehumidifier dryer is popular with manufacturers due to:

  • optimal combination of price and quality;
  • the ability to choose a model with the desired load volume (12-1000 kg);
  • minimal service costs;
  • quality air filters;
  • Availability of optional equipment.

Ergonomic externally dehumidifier dryer has a digital control unit. You can set and control the temperature, air flow rate and cycle time. The complete set with the timer allows to automate start and to save time for service.

Operational safety for machine

Dehumidifier dryer for injection molding machine can be easily attached to the equipment, it can increase productivity and is characterized by economical energy consumption.

Moreover, the dry air inside works in a closed type, it is well cleaned, so there is no dust and pollution of the surrounding equipment. Optionally, dust and metal traps can be installed to such an apparatus.

Purpose, general characteristics

THD dehumidifier dryer are compact equipment for polymer drying. Affordable units use to work with materials that absorb moisture during processing, transportation and packaging. Dehumidifier dryer characterize by efficiency, ergonomic design. 

In addition, they can be mounted on an injection molding machine, which saves space and creates conditions for fast drying. In dehumidifier type dryers, hot air is supplied from the bottom up (in models 800/1000 from top to bottom).

Advantages and Features

  1. The uniformity and efficiency of polymer drying is ensured by the built-in diffuser, which serves to distribute hot air flows over the total volume of the dehumidifier.
  2. Components of dryers in contact with processed materials are made of stainless steel. It eliminates the possibility of contamination of the contents of the bunker, prevents corrosion.

As well as, the shape of the dehumidifier dryer contributes to the rapid unloading of the material. When it replaces, prevents sticking to the walls, and facilitates the process of cleaning the walls.

  • The design provides an elbow for air supply. Due to its shape and size, it prevents the accumulation of dust in the lower part of the tube furnace. Minimizing the risk of ignition of materials.

The hour timer for additional equipment, the following are available

  • hot air collector for mixing and dispensing;
    • Magnetic trap to remove metal debris.
    • cyclone separator to give the flow a centrifugal movement to improve drying efficiency;
    • Suction chamber to increase the speed of air flow in the volume of the chamber.
    • A- or L-type tripods to choose from for mounting the dehumidifier.
    • exhaust ventilation system filter to minimize emissions;
    • Inlet filter for blower to purify the air.

At the choice of the customer, any modification can supplement with a magnetic base.

Protection and Security for equipment

In addition, THD dehumidifier dryer comply with European safety and quality standards. Protection of equipment from overheating, overloads implements due to the materials of manufacture, thoughtful design, the presence of sensors, and a warning system.

The power supply switch of the units locates outside; therefore it is not subject to critical loads. Subsequently, it locates in the personnel access zone. In an emergency, the equipment can be quickly turned off manually.

Dehumidifier dryer equip with an overload protection device, a blower starter, a light indicator that signals in case of exceeding the permissible temperatures. Effective overheating protection eliminates the possibility of accidents as a result of breakdowns or incorrect work of personnel.

To prevent metal particles from getting into the screw together with the working material, a magnet can install in the container.

Where can we install dryers?

The basic delivery set includes a microprocessor control unit that provides start and stop through a special timer and overheating control. In fact, performance indicators display on the digital display of this unit.

These dehumidifier dryer can install both on a special frame and directly on an injection molding machine. The equipment installs and operated simply without the involvement of specially trained personnel. It is very reliable in operation.

Dehumidifier Dryer 2022

In terms of capacities, the range of models of these dryers varies from 40 liters to 8 thousand. The operation and control of the heating temperature controls by a microprocessor with a digital display equipped with a seven-day timer.

Our dryers, together with SVM UU mixers and SAL raw material loaders, form a production line that meets the requirements of the Euro standard.

Features of dryers filters

The dehumidifier dryer equips with filters. The inlet filter prevents foreign particles from entering the dehumidifier together with hot air, and the outlet filter prevents dust from escaping into the environment.

The possibility of reuse of hot air provides. Eventually, the unit with the HT series has the option of drying the material with a heating temperature of 180 °C.

A magnetic base to trap metal particles and a frame on wheels are optional extras.  This also includes a loading tank for the delivery of dried granules by vacuum. Operable glass window allows you to control the status of the magnet.

Dryer catalogs:

A potential customer can decide on the choice of the dehumidifier dryer he needs according to the relevant catalogs SHD and SHD-U. You can request them by contacting our managers.

  • Additional equipment
  • Load capacity SBU

To move the dried granules from the dryer by means of a vacuum loader, it must equip with a loading container with a plastic tray. Further, this capacity can accept material simultaneously from two loaders.

Frame with FSU wheels

A frame with wheels uses when the dryer cannot installs directly on the injection molding machine or extruder in the loading area.

  • Magnets

Lastly, the use of double-row magnets for catching metal particles from the material significantly extends the service life of molds.

They can also install for this purpose in the dehumidifier dryer of injection molding machines and extruders.

  • Input filter

80% prevents dust particles that have entered the forced air from entering the container.

  • Output filter

Detains up to 90% of dust from the air coming from the bunker

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