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Take Advantage of Desktop CNC Machine: 9 Tips 

2022/03/24 By LZ

Desktop CNC Machine
Desktop CNC Machine

When it comes to production activities in the mechanical engineering industry, an indispensable device is desktop CNC machine.

What is CNC machine?

CNC machines are a common device that is widely applied in the mechanical industry. Especially in the mechanical industry manufacturing gas. So, do we have a good understanding of CNC machines? How does it work and how does it work? So here we go to learn about CNC machines.

Main Table of Contents

  1. CNC Definition
  2. What is a CNC machine?
  3. Applications of CNC machines
  4. Working principle of CNC machine
  5. Advantages of CNC machines
  6. Conclude

What is CNC?

The purpose of CNC is to support the processing of all kinds of mechanical products in order to improve productivity, as well as improve product quality, accuracy and reduce human effort.

As we know above, desktop CNC machine refers to the operation and control via computer, so CNC machine means processing machinery that uses technology to control fully automatically via computer. Therefore, CNC machines can work in many different spaces such as 2D, 3D, ….

The machine will manage and manipulate the system to move to any direction based on the control of the system. computer or specialized equipment. And compared to traditional cutting machines that can only handle fixed shapes, the CNC machine will ensure more accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Applications of desktop CNC machine

The demand for CNC machines in Vietnam is now very large from individuals to large enterprises, with the development of society along with high requirements for aesthetics as well as the sophistication of dishes.

Metal work, or even wood or mica materials require to create fine textures because that requires a more specialized equipment than a traditional machine. Some of the applications include the following:

  • Machining machine parts, metal molds
  • Processing, depicting shapes, 2D, 3D patterns, …
  • Engrave details, patterns on metal, wood, mica, ….
  • Processing, carving and shaping crystal, glass, stone glass, …

The application of desktop CNC machine is quite high and widely common, especially in the manufacturing industry. CNC machines help reduce the product finishing process, increase the ability to shape difficult details to diversify human creativity.

Working principle of CNC machine

CNC machines have many different types and different uses and suitability, including a number of machines such as lathes, milling machines, planers, engraving machines, etc.

They all have one feature that all work on the general principle. The main shaft will move in the z direction from the top, the table holds the product in the X, Y axis bringing the cutting edge to all product surfaces.

The lines when using a desktop CNC machine will produce very smooth and delicate products. Operating a CNC machine is not as complicated as many people think. Usually, before handing over the machine, the engineer team will guide you carefully from the simplest steps. After a short time, you can completely operate this machine.

Desktop CNC Machine 2022

Advantages of CNC machines

The application of CNC machines in the processing of metal parts or processing materials is very diverse. We can see a lot of advantages of CNC machines that perhaps cannot fully explain. They can be accurate. But in general, we can see some advantages of desktop CNC machine:

  • Can cut magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
  • Processing on all different materials, metal, non-metal, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, paper cutting.
  • Cutting with Fiber Laser completes in less time than required by conventional cutters.
  • Able to work in air, vacuum, liquid, solid… so there are many special applications that no other technology can do.
  • Cutting technology produces finished products without the need to reprocess the product, helping to maximize production costs.

In fact, laser cutting technology allows to reduce contamination of metal workpieces, providing certain advantages compared to traditional mechanical cutting techniques.

In the normal cutting process, the heat generated during the cutting process in desktop CNC machine often easily deforms the product. While using Laser cutting technology, because the heat-resistant area is very small. It will reduce the possibility of metal warping and deformation.

  • Can be cut to any straight or curved, different thick and thin surfaces, intricate details…
  • No noise, good working conditions. In addition, the working conditions of workers are greatly improved due to the lower amount of smoke and dust compared to mechanical methods.
  • Not only good quality but also affordable when using CNC machining, stainless steel processing, stainless steel processing on demand.

General information about desktop CNC machine

Referring to CNC tools in general, this can be a bulky floor-standing machine. However, the CNC machine is also a suitable desktop option for creative, production studios with limited space or small studios.

It is common on the desk and in the office, and the closed design is adopted. There is no need to worry that the debris generated during operation will be sprayed out randomly.

It is more suitable for use in indoor spaces. Debris no longer flew around the room.

What is Desktop CNC Machine?

The CNC machine tool is a desktop machine tool, with the lid closed, after the user puts the material into the machining area, the lid can be closed, so that the debris can gather inside the body. machine and is cleaned more easily.

There are desktop CNC lathes, desktop CNC milling machines and five-axis CNC milling machines, which are mainly common in the production workshops, testing houses of scientific research and development units, and innovation laboratories of the university. university and other small parts machining.

Dimensions of the machine

The body of the desktop CNC machine is also quite small, the surface size is 850 * 480 * 680mm, the flat part has a length and width of 750 * 650, so it will not take up too much space on the table suitable for compact purposes.

The development team says that in many cases, CNC machining is more productive than 3D printing and can process metal materials. However, the two are not in a competitive relationship. Instead, they are the best partner. Users can use 3D first.

After the printer does the test and verifies that there are no problems with the design, materials are selected from the experience of test works and desktop CNC machine methods are common to produce more durable parts.


CNC machines are the perfect complement and support to replace the old way of machining. It helps businesses produce and process products more accurately, increase productivity as well as reduce product costs.

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