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Disposable Tableware Injection Molding Automation Solution

2022/03/24 By topstar

Disposable Tableware Injection Molding Automation Solution

Recently, epidemic prevention and control continued escalating, and many places across the country began implementing closed management. To protect the residents’ basic living materials needs while reducing direct contact, many places suspended the dine-in to provide packaged services, food, and beverage take-out volume surged, and the demand for disposable tableware further increased. To protect the production needs of enterprises in the daily necessities industry to speed up and increase efficiency, Topstar launched a disposable tableware injection molding automatic production solution.

Highly integrated, accurate, and efficient TM170II injection molding machine, with high precision, high-speed EU-80s robot, complete disposable knives, forks, spoons, and other tableware injection molding, take out, sub-mold number, film encapsulation automatic process, the whole process without manual operation. After the introduction of the automated production line, the efficiency of the production line is increased by 15%, which can save labor costs. At the same time, the new TMII series of injection molding machine stability and energy-saving features can guarantee the quality of product molding, improve the yield rate, and fully automate production; the production process is more hygienic and clean.

Topstar always adheres to the “better industrial manufacturing” corporate mission, is deep in intelligent manufacturing, and is committed to providing innovative factory solutions for manufacturing enterprises.

The current epidemic, responsibility on the shoulders. Topstar will continue to help manufacturing enterprises achieve intelligent production, medical, daily necessities, and other industries to provide “replicable, upgradeable, universal” full-line production equipment, efficient solutions, and reliable, professional service support to contribute to the fight against the epidemic and protect people’s livelihood.

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