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7 Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding Machine in 2022

2022/03/24 By 兰兹

Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Plastic Injection Molding Machine

A plastic injection molding machine is specialized in the injection molding technology line. Plastic injection molding machine adapts well to various products and has a high production capacity. So, it is widely used in the production of plastic products.

So what is the structure of the plastic injection machine? What types of plastic injection molding machines are commonly used? Please read the information below.

Structure of horizontal plastic injection machine

The plastic injection molding machine composes of 2 components responsible for different jobs. The mold clamping part and the plastic injection part are essential.

In addition, the mold clamp section divides into a fixed mold clamp part and a movable mold clamp part. In particular, the fixed mold clamp accurately holds the fixed mold part and the mold positions. Thanks to the mold’s positioning ring and the machine’s positioning hole.

The movable mold clamp is used to clamp the movable mold half

This part has the effect of parallel translation in the opening and closing directions of the mold. It closes and opens the mold in the plastic injection molding machine.

The movable mold also arranges to help impact the battery ejection plate to push the product out.

Moreover, the plastic injection part converts the material from a solid to a liquid by temperature. It pushes the molten plastic into the mold by going pressure through the screw and nozzle system.

In addition to the two main parts above, the plastic injection machine structure also has a cooling system (making the machine).

Popular types of plastic injection molding machine

There are many ways to classify plastic injection machines. Based the structure of the plastic injection machines is divided into classes:

Horizontal injection molding machine

This injection molding machine is the most common type, characterized by the mold part and the nozzles on the center axis horizontally. The mold opens in the horizontal direction. Moreover, horizontal plastic injection molding machine takes up a lot of space in width.

Vertical presses

In addition, in the principle of operation, horizontal and vertical presses are the same, but they differ in the layout of components and details. The vertical press has the mold unit and the nozzle on the center axis vertically, and the mold opens in the vertical direction. Plastic injection molding machine takes up a lot of space in height.

Inclined injection molding machine

The structure of the inclined injection molding machine consists of the mold and the nozzles that are not located on the central axis but form a strange angle. Moreover, the plastic injection direction and interface are on the same mold surface.

Rotary injection molding machine

In addition, particular structures consisting of many molds characterize by rotating clamping systems. The molds arrange around the rotating shaft.

Most factories and enterprises producing plastic products in our country use two types of plastic injection machines: horizontal and vertical presses.

The benefits of using a plastic injection molding machine

Moreover, using a plastic injection molding machine brings outstanding advantages:

  • The plastic injection machine can mold hard plastic, flexible plastic, and thermosetting plastic, …
  • It has an automatic plastic injection cycle, high working productivity, and saves time and labor.
  • Plastic injection products meet quality standards, are accurate in size and design, and have high aesthetics.
  • Lower production costs compared to other plastic production methods.

Professional plastic processing

The rapid development of the plastic industry requires manufacturing enterprises to equip modern plastic injection molding machines to enhance the quality of plastic injection processing.

In addition, injection molding uses machinery and equipment to inject molten plastic into a network of forming systems called molds. Moreover, after the plastic changes from liquid to solid, we open the mold and get the product in the desired shape.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine 2022

What is a plastic injection mold?

A plastic injection mold is a homogenous system of many components to shape the molten plastic into the desired product after hardening.

What is the injection molding cycle?

The injection molding cycle is the process that starts from the moment the molten plastic puts into the mold cavity through the channel system in the plastic injection molding machine. Moreover, it solidifies the plastic by cooling solutions so that the mold completely opens.

Finally, the process ends with closing the mold to start repeating the process.

Plastic injection mold construction

Fixed part (Male): This part does not move during the whole injection molding process. This part fastens to the wall of the machine to restore the plastic injection molding machine. It connects to the plastic injection molding machine’s plastic injection nozzle system to bring the molten plastic into the mold cavity through the nozzle and channel system.

Movable part (Male mold); This part has the function of closing the mold to press the product and opening the mold to get the product.

Moreover, the movable part will fasten to the wall of the injection molding machine’s mobile machine and connect to the mold liner system to push the product out through the push pin system designed in the mold.

Injection molding aims to reshape a raw material.

Plastic: As it is a super versatile process, it also allows the reuse of recyclable raw materials, thus giving the fabric a new destination.

There are different plastic injection molding machines to create plastic design parts, including some methods to create a single product. An example of this is the manufacture of bottles. At the same time, the bottle body is made by blow molding.

Moreover, the cap is made by injection molding, while the thread at the top of the neck comes from injection and blow molding.

Each manufacturing process can create a specific pattern and make products of the highest quality.

The main types of molding are:

  • insert molding,
  • thermoplastic,
  • over molding,
  • cold chamber molding,
  • hot runner molding,
  • 3D printing.

When the polymer goes through the molding process in our injection molding machine, they become molded parts. It is a substantial modification in the plastic structure, which passes through cylinders and mixers until it becomes a homogeneous mass.

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