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Drying and dehumidification system – drying of plastic materials

2023/05/29 By 兰兹

Drying and Dehumidification System

Products with plastic parts are usually made of various types of plastic. Each type has its qualities but also requires specific drying and dehumidification processes. A dedicated drying system for water-containing plastic-filled products is the best way to achieve this. In this article, we explain the drying and dehumidification system and what products are suitable for drying. We’ll also look at the process of creating such a system so you can understand the stages of its development.

Suitable for drying plastic plates, sheets, pipes, and other materials!

The drying and dehumidification system is suitable for drying plastic plates, sheets, pipes, and other materials. The drying process occurs in one of two ways: an open-air convection system or a closed cabinet with forced hot air circulation. The former method requires less energy than the latter because it requires no additional heating or cooling equipment and takes longer to dry out your material.

With this system, you can significantly reduce the time required to dry plastic materials by up to 50%. However, some plastics will require more than one pass through the drying chamber before they reach their final state, so make sure you have enough space available before purchasing this product!

These machines are suitable for drying and dehumidifying products!

A drying dehumidification system is a machine that dries plastic materials. It has the function of drying and dehumidifying the products, very advanced technology in this field.

The drying and dehumidification system comprises two parts: the main body, which includes the drying chamber, control cabinet, and ventilation fan, and the other is an independent electric furnace (optional). The main body is a one-piece structure with a high-strength steel frame structure, and it is also equipped with an automatic door opening and closing device to ensure safe operation during operation.

A drying and dehumidification system can significantly reduce the time required to dry plastic materials!

Drying and dehumidification systems can significantly reduce the time required to dry plastic materials. The drying time is reduced by up to 50%, from several days to a few hours, depending on the thickness of the material and desired moisture content.

The uniform drying temperature inside the machine is controlled by a PID controller, which regulates the temperature inside the heating chamber. This allows for accurate control over temperatures and humidity levels within different zones of your system. Drying systems also use hot air blown over the material via a fan or blower, a process that quickly removes excess moisture from products so they are safe for packaging.

The drying and dehumidification system with a drying cabinet or conveying system!!

It can work with drying cabinets or conveyor systems. A drying cabinet or conveying system describes the material in the drying dehumidification system.

The drying cabinet design comprises three separate storage, heating, cooling and drying compartments. They can also have additional rooms for conditioning (e.g., humidifying) and cooling down after heating). Typically suitable for conveyor systems when drying large quantities of material at once. However, they are not as flexible as individual cabinets, as they require more space, so they are less flexible.

Our drying and dehumidification system ensures that the material is dried optimally!

Drying and dehumidification systems are machines that ensure optimum drying of the material. These methods are suitable for drying plates, sheets, and pipes made of plastic. The device provides these materials with moisture content reduced from 10% and 30% to 1%. This can significantly reduce the time required for such products to achieve a stable moisture content.

Follow our instructions on best use it with a drying cabinet or conveyor system to ensure your product remains safe during the process.


In this article, we have introduced some knowledge about the dry dehumidification system, and you can improve your understanding of it after reading it. While we have a dry dehumidification system to suit your needs, we are also happy to help you with any questions or concerns about our products, so if you would like more information, please feel free to contact us!

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