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Easy-to-Use Industrial Volumetric Type Blender

2023/07/10 By 兰兹

Volumetric Type Blender

Today we will share with you a mixer. The volumetric type blender is the most basic and the easiest to operate mixer. It is suitable for many purposes, including plastic processing, powder processing, and many more. Due to its design, it is possible to mix at very high speeds without disrupting granule integrity or producing heat-sensitive products. In this article, I will share and summarize the use of volumetric mixers, their advantages, and some common daily applications.

Volumetric Type Blenders are suitable for the mixing of new materials or auxiliary materials!

Volumetric mixers are suitable for mixing new or auxiliary materials. In the past, when you wanted to blend two different types of ingredients, you first measured out each ingredient in a separate container before adding it to the blender. With a volumetric blender, you only need one machine that can handle two ingredients at once!

This eliminates the need for multiple people to operate your project and makes it easier to save on your budget. It also has a large capacity and can hold up to 10kg of ingredients in the bowl. This way, there is also less waiting time between handmade batches! Additionally, the mixer has two compartments to prevent cross-contamination between substances during processing.

The blender does not require multiple people to operate!

They are designed for one-person operation. This is in stark contrast to traditional stand mixers, which typically require two people: one to hold the container and the other to operate the machine. Volumetric mixers save labor costs. At the same time, they also allow you to mix more products at once without having to constantly change containers or stop production when you need to add other ingredients to the mix.

Volumetric Type Blender

The blender has a large capacity for high-volume production blending!

Blender capacities are measured in gallons. The size of the blender you need depends on the type of material you are blending and how much you want to blend at one time. However, if you want to turn hard pellets into very fine pellets, then you may need something bigger, such as a 5-gallon system. Blenders are available in many different sizes and capacities, depending on the type being processed, among other factors.

It is designed for general mixing applications!

Volumetric type blenders are suitable for general mixing applications in various industries such as medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical. Simultaneous volumetric mixers do not require multiple people to operate; instead, only one operator simply turns on the machine and walks away while the machine is working! Volumetric mixers have a large capacity for high-volume production mixing, which makes them ideal when you want to mix a large amount at once.

The volumetric type blender is the key equipment in the mixing process!

The industrial volumetric mixer is the key equipment in the mixing process. The mixer mixes new or auxiliary materials into the resin. They don’t require multiple people to operate, and their high capacity enables them to handle large product mixes in a short amount of time, making them ideal for high-volume production environments such as foundries and foundry mold makers. This equipment saves a lot of time compared to other types and also plays a key role in your production process. No matter what industry, there will always be some machines on the production line.

Volumetric Type Blender

Simply speaking

This product is a must-have for your industry production line, they are very simple and easy to operate. There must be many companies that have not tried our volumetric mixer. Through the sharing of this article, we can establish contact with you. We also provide other types of equipment for you to choose from on our website to make production more convenient.

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