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Granulating & Recycling System improves supply chain efficiency

2023/07/12 By 兰兹

granulating & recycling system

As we often see in many pellet manufacturing companies, granulating & recycling system is an important part of the supply chain process. Expanding demand for many pellets drives purchases of pelletizing and recycling systems. Key to the granulation process is the tight control of parameters such as temperature, pressure, and humidity to ensure the best results every time. Everyone also likes its stable functionality.

The system produces pellets and recyclable materials through a simple process!

The granulating & recycling system is a simple process that uses pelletizers to produce pellets and recyclable materials in a single pass. The machine first breaks down the plastic into small pieces or pellets, which are then recycled into new pellets. The recycled material is mixed with water in a mixer to form a slurry, which is then extruded from an injection molding machine. This allows manufacturers to produce custom products without purchasing additional raw materials, and therefore cheaper.

The expanding need for many particles is driving the demand for this system!

Pellets are suitable for the manufacture of many products, including plastics, resins, and adhesives. Besides that, they are also suitable as a fuel source for electricity generation or heating. Rising demand from many applications using pellets is driving increased demand for granulating and recycling systems. Compared to using fossil fuels or mineral materials as alternatives, pellets prove themselves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because they contain less carbon per unit mass.

The key to the granulating process is the close control of parameters!

Crucial to the granulation process is the tight control of parameters, which are variables that are measured and controlled. We’re talking about temperature, humidity, and time. Temperature and humidity are controlled by different operations, and time is controlled by different stations. To obtain consistent product output from each batch run, operators need to understand how each parameter affects the particle size distribution. For example: if you want the final product to have smaller granules, increase the drying time. If you want larger granules, decrease the drying time, etc.

The use of granulating & recycling system help improve supply chain efficiency!

Using a granulating and recycling system increases supply chain efficiency by: Reducing waste – Use this system to avoid waste by recycling, reusing, and reducing the number of purchased materials. Reduce material costs and environmental impact. Increased productivity – Fewer materials produce fewer finished products, which means faster turnaround times for the products or services your company offers. You can also increase capacity because everything is done in one facility.

The granulating and recycling system is an important part of the supply chain process!

Granulating & recycling systems are an essential part of supply chain processes. It is suitable for many different types of products, from auto parts to medical supplies. This system allows the reuse of native particles and materials. This can improve supply chain efficiencies through longer product life, increased value-per-pound, and through better factory-site materials. Help conserve natural resources by preventing unnecessary waste while reducing shipping costs and environmental impact!

Finally, we say

Now we are more sure that it is to improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain, and in this way, we let more friends have a better understanding of the granulation recycling system. When you want to have granulation equipment with easy maintenance, safe operation, and stable function, this is undoubtedly your best choice. This product will bring you an unprecedented experience!

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