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How to evaluate the energy consumption of a plastic injection machine?

2023/12/25 By 兰兹

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Many buyers in the plastic manufacturing industry will consider many aspects of plastic injection machine when purchasing injection molding machines. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to evaluate the energy consumption of a plastic injection machine, identify key indicators, and implement practical strategies so you can choose a device that can improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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A key metric is specific energy consumption (SEC), representing the energy consumed per kilogram of melted plastic. Lower SEC values indicate higher efficiency. Cycle time is another critical metric representing the time required to complete an injection molding cycle. Efficient machines with shorter cycle times minimize energy consumption, helping to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness. The overall efficiency of a plastic injection machine is evaluated by the energy efficiency ratio (EER). This ratio measures a machine’s output relative to its energy input. Higher EER values mean more energy-efficient operations consistent with sustainable manufacturing practices.

Choose energy-saving plastic injection machine to reduce energy consumption.

One way to reduce energy consumption is to choose energy-efficient plastic injection molding machines with variable frequency drives (VFD) integrated into the machine’s motor system. VFDs can precisely control motor speed, reducing energy consumption during periods of lower demand. This dynamic adjustment increases efficiency, especially in processes with different production requirements. Energy-efficient plastic injection molding machines often use advanced heating methods, such as induction heating or advanced insulation materials, to minimize heat loss, optimize the melting process, reduce energy consumption, and shorten cycle time. Energy-saving models often have automatic shut-off or standby features during idle periods, minimizing unnecessary power use.

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Advanced control systems assess energy losses!

Assessment of the energy consumption of a plastic injection molding machine involves a rigorous examination of its control system. Advanced control systems are vital in minimizing energy losses during the injection molding and increasing overall efficiency. Using a servo-drive system can improve accuracy and responsiveness. Unlike traditional hydraulic systems, servo-drive systems can precisely control the movement of the machine and reduce wasted energy during idle or low-demand periods. This adaptability ensures power is only used when needed, resulting in significant energy savings. Advanced control systems have energy recovery technology, which helps capture and reuse excess energy generated during deceleration or braking phases.

From heating and cooling

We can reduce the energy consumption of plastic injection machines in terms of heating and cooling. Plastic injection molding machines usually use advanced heating technology, such as induction or infrared heating. These technologies target specific areas, minimizing heat loss and ensuring the melting process is more energy efficient. The choice of an efficient heating method directly affects the overall energy consumption during the molding cycle. Efficient cooling minimizes cycle times and ensures consistent part quality. Utilizing cooling technologies such as water-cooling systems can quickly dissipate heat from the molding material, thereby increasing efficiency. Intelligent control systems that adjust cooling rates based on real-time feedback help further save energy.

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Reduce idle time and standby mode

We can also assess energy consumption by reducing idle times and optimizing standby modes in various industrial processes. Idle time is the period when the machine is not actively involved in the molding process. Taking steps to reduce sedentary time is critical to energy efficiency. Finding out whether the plastic injection molding machine can implement standby mode can help save a lot of energy during downtime. Modern plastic injection molding machines often have an automatic standby function that activates during inactivity. This ensures a quick transition to a low-energy state, minimizing unnecessary power consumption without affecting the machine’s readiness for immediate use.

In short

Assessing the energy consumption of plastic injection machines is a critical step in making our manufacturing processes sustainable and cost-effective. When considering energy consumption when purchasing, we can start from these aspects to assess and evaluate the energy consumption of plastic injection machines to minimize the energy consumption of your overall production process.

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