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The “Nobel Prize” in robotics! Topstar won the Capek Industrial Robotics Annual Value Brand Award

2022/09/07 By topstar


On August 25-27, 2022, the 12th China International Robotics Summit Forum and the 8th Capek Award Ceremony were successfully held. Topstar won the “8th Annual Value Brand Award” for industrial robots for its technological contribution and market breakthrough in industrial robots. It is also the fifth consecutive year that Topstar won the Capek Award.

The 8th Capek Awards Ceremony

Pain point focus: Domestic robots are breaking through

From launching the first self-research robot control system in 2011 to successfully listing the self-research six-axis industrial robot body in 2016. Topstar has now made a series of product layouts in SCARA, six-axis robots, Delta parallel robots, and collaborative robots, which can meet the customer’s import to domestic “cost-effective ” brand switch.

Years of insistence on independent innovation, Topstar’s industrial robots have gone from a single model to multi-series synchronous development, from body manufacturing to the independent mastery of the three core technologies of control, servo, and vision.

At the same time, Topstar combined with robots to create flexible workstations. It promotes single workstation solutions to help customers solve the original non-standard equipment due to the rapid change of type and the lack of versatility, low reuse rate, insufficient stability, high cost, and other pain points. It is committed to providing the industry with reusability, good versatility, and excellent stability, a year back to the cost of automation solutions.

Joint school-enterprise, talent training “the last mile.”

The popularity of industrial automation has extensively promoted production efficiency. But with it comes the problem of the lack of skilled personnel in intelligent manufacturing.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and 15 other departments jointly issued the “14th Five-Year Plan” for the development of the robotics industry, Encouraging schools and enterprises together to carry out industry-university research cooperation and collaborative education projects, build many modern industrial colleges, and cultivate talents urgently needed for industrial development.

On August 27, at the Capek National Robotics Industry-Education Integration Development Forum, Zhang Peng, director of Topstar and general manager of the Robotics Division, delivered a keynote speech on “Gathering Win-Win, Foreseeing the Future – Helping College Graduates Follow Their Dreams to the Last Mile.”

He discussed “how to cultivate technical talents more in line with the market demand and more relevant to the reality” with the university experts on-site and online. He solved the current industry pain point of “many products but a shortage of technicians.”

Zhang Peng, Director of Topstar and General Manager of the Robotics Division

Director of Topstar and General Manager of the Robotics Division

Zhang Peng said that Topstar, after long-term industry research, cooperation with colleges and universities, sponsorship of vocational skills competitions, and other measures to meet the needs of employing enterprises, targeted personnel screening and training methods, clear standards, norms, and employment channels.

Take the cooperation mode of “key account product + service” as an example. According to the talent demand portrait from the client, we jointly develop talent training programs with universities to cultivate talents that meet the needs of client positions. Transform technical services into mastery and provide services for clients through “products + talents.”

industrial robots
Cooperation Logic

Cooperation Logic

As the first Guangdong robot backbone enterprise landed on GEM, Topstar will rely on the industry brand advantages, product advantages, talent advantages, and service advantages accumulated over the past fifteen years, focus on the difficulties of the intelligent manufacturing industry, further precipitate technical strength and application scenarios, and make contributions to the development of the domestic industrial robot industry.

At the same time, we hope that through the “last mile” of school-enterprise cooperation mode, guided by the two-way demand of enterprises and talents, we can train and output the essential skills for the industry to help the rapid development of the intelligent manufacturing industry.

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