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One minute quick look at Topstar’s semi-annual financial performance report for 2022

2022/08/31 By topstar

Topstar 2022 Semi-Annual Financial Performance Report_Cover

In the first half of 2022, the main operating highlights of Topstar are as follows.

  1. The effectiveness of reform is obvious. Since the change of “adjusting business, organization and distribution” at the end of 2021, Topstar has continued to improve the business situation of each business segment this year. In the first quarter, the chain improved significantly, and in the second quarter, we achieved a 45.90% YoY increase in revenue and a 34.85% YoY increase in net profit attributable to shareholders.
  2. Product business continues to improve. The business of self-researched and self-produced multi-joint industrial robots and CNC machine tools products developed at a high speed, and the gross margin of injection molding machines improved.
  3. Steady development of project business. The automation application system business and intelligent energy and environment management system business grew steadily, and the revenue scale was further improved.
  4. There were results in cost reduction and efficiency improvement. This year, the business units adopted the independent accounting system, and each business unit followed the healthy and sustainable development idea of “ensuring revenue with profit and profit with cash flow”, and became more efficient in management with high quality. Refined management for the company to create the benefits gradually increased, costs in the same period last year decreased.

Topstar will continue to focus on “business focus”, “organizational upgrading”, “increase quality and efficiency” three focus, more focused on industrial robots, injection molding machines, CNC machine tools three major products. Through continuous polishing of core products, reducing the proportion of personalized projects, continuous optimization of business and product structure, and in-depth development of quality business and quality customers, to continue to improve standardized production capacity. Topstar is gradually repairing its profitability and achieving sustainable and steady growth of the company’s value.

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