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Topstar 2022 semi-annual financial performance report: profitability ring repair operating quality and efficiency steady to good

2022/08/29 By topstar


Topstar 2022 semi-annual financial performance report

On August 25, Topstar (SZ: 300607) released its 2022 semi-annual financial performance report. 2022 H1. Topstar achieved revenue of 2.043 billion yuan, up 31.43% year-on-year. Earned net profit attributable to shareholders of 102 million yuan has reached 156% of 2021. profitability than 2021 H2 ring noticeable repair. The net profit attributable to shareholders has increased by 34.85% year-on-year, with revenue growth of 45.9% year-on-year in Q2 2022.

At present, Topstar has mastered the core underlying technology of the controller. Servo drive and vision system and gradually realize the replacement of imported core components. This can ensure that, in the case of the same level of performance. Provide customers with better quality and more cost-effective products.


In 2021, Implementing the “3 adjustments” reform

In 2022, the reform already showed results

If the keyword for 2021 is “adjustment,” the keyword for 2022 is “test.” At the end of 2021, the company adjusted its business thinking. It shifted to “business focus, organizational upgrade. quality improvement, and efficiency enhancement” through “adjusting business, organization, and distribution.” The company focuses on industrial robots, injection molding machines, and CNC machine tools. And continuously optimize its business and product structure.

The operating conditions of all business departments have been continuously improved.

This year, the operating conditions of each business segment continued to improve. Based on the significant improvement in the first quarter compared with the previous quarter. The active income in the second quarter increased by 45.90% year on year. Net profit attributable to shareholders increased by 34.85% year on year.

In the first half of 2022, the performance of CNC machine tools and multi-joint robots was very bright, with CNC machine tools revenue up 734.52% and gross margin up 15.30% year-on-year. Through the optimization of the injection molding machine business, the gross profit margin increased by 3.43%. At present, each business segment complements each other on the development path, and the effect of business synergy, market synergy, and technology synergy is obvious.


Strategic realignment ushers in new growth

Gains in all three areas in the first half of the year

Topstar’s self-research and self-production of multi-joint industrial robot body shipments of more than 1,000 units in the robot business segment, compared with last year’s period, achieved more than 150% growth. The main reason for the change is that the “large customers + segmentation” market development strategy is effective with technology iteration and upgrading. The robot’s performance continues to be optimized, and market recognition is further enhanced.

The company launched a new robot in the first half of the year

Meanwhile, the company launched the new SCARA high-speed robot (TRH002-400-150-A) and two six-axis robots (TRV007-910-A and R081-08-T) in the first half the year. The MBW130 series injection robots with robust expandability and anti-interference capability. And high positioning accuracy was released.

Among them, the SCARA high-speed robot (TRH002-400-150-A) has been comprehensively improved in speed. Accuracy, load performance, using experience, and debugging and maintenance.

CNC machine tool business

In the CNC machines business segment, the demand for orders grew steadily. In the year’s first half, 67 units of five-axis CNC machines were signed, and 47 teams were shipped, with orders exceeding 150 million yuan. The company launched a new product GMU-600 five-axis machining center. Mainly used in processing precision molds. High-temperature alloy structural parts and high-precision general mechanical parts.

The company plans to launch the DMU300 vertical five-axis machining center in the second half of the year. Mainly used in medical, automotive parts, impellers, and other high-efficiency and high-precision processing.

In the field of injection molding machine business

In the injection molding machine business segment, the company’s development focus has changed from “pursuing scale” to “polishing products.” Improve profitability by “balancing capacity investment and improving product structure.”

Meanwhile, in the year’s first half, Topstar was selected as one of the “Top Ten Brands of Injection Molding Machines” in 2022. One of the core products of the company’s research and development of an all-electric injection molding machine in November 2021 into the customer’s factory trial. Several potential customers successfully signed trial contracts in the Star Club exhibition in the first half of this year.


A clear focus on the strategic layout

Continuous upgrade of R&D strength

research and development

In terms of R&D, The R&D team has deeply studied the underlying core components of the controller. Servo drives and vision systems based on customers’ needs. It has worked intensely in industrial robots, injection molding machines, and CNC machine tools.


Regarding the controller, The independently developed SCARA and six-axis robots have applied TMCR series robot controllers in batches. In terms of servo drive, the robotic five-in-one servo drive is in the mass production stage. The research and development of critical technologies of modular servo have begun. The R&D team achieved architecture, communication technology, and distribution control milestones.

vision system

Regarding the vision system, the R&D team has completed the development of the 3C bubble defect detection algorithm and verified it successfully; they planned mass production in the second half of the year.

Adhere to the “dual wheel drive of products and channels strategy.”

Topstar will continue to adhere to the long-term, always adhere to “product and channel two-wheel drive” strategy. Strategy to “controller, servo drive, vision system” three core technologies, “industrial robots and automation. injection molding machines and supporting equipment. CNC machine tools, intelligent energy and environmental management” four business sectors.

Topstar will strive to become an intelligent hardware company with the core underlying technology. In the future, We will continue to improve its strength and desire to break through the “neck” problem. And contribute to the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry.

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