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3 Types of Injection Molding Machine Desktop

2021/12/31 By 兰兹

Injection Molding Machine Desktop

What types of plastic injection machines are there?

Injection Molding Machine Desktop

In recent years, there are many types of injection molding machine desktop on the market. Are you reeling from knowing what kind of plastic injection molding machine? Are you looking for information about popular plastic injection machines in China?

 Want to know which company’s plastic injection molding machine is good, trusted by many people? So today we will help you answer this question!

What types of plastic injection molding machines are currently available?

In the mechanical industry, producing plastic molds, plastic injection machines are specialized tools. Not only that, they also apply in many manufacturing industries for the purpose of creating plastic products based on automatic injection and injection mechanisms. There are many ways to classify plastic injection molding machines:

Classification of plastic injection molding machines by transmission method

When classified according to this method, plastic injection molding machines are divided into two categories:

Electric plastic injection machine

This is a machine that uses a Servo motor to adjust, close – open, maintain the clamping force of the mold and push the pin.

Hydraulic plastic injection machine

As a person in the mold manufacturing industry, you will not be unfamiliar with this machine. Moreover, it is one of the most common equipment used by plastic mold factories China. Similarly, this type of machine uses a hydraulic system to open – close and maintain the clamping force of the mold.

Classification of injection molding machine desktop by operating mechanism

When considering the operating mechanism, plastic injection molding machines are divided into two types: automatic and semi-automatic.

Automatic plastic injection machine

As the name suggests, this is the type of device that is 100% capable of operating on its own it starts. When operating injection molding machine desktop, the user will not need any human intervention.

Semi-automatic plastic injection machine

This is a semi-automatic plastic injection molding machine. It is a device that partially self-operates after being started, and partly human-influenced.

Classification of plastic injection machines by mold position

Based on mold position, plastic injection molding machine divides into:

  • horizontal injection molding machine,
  •  vertical injection molding machine
  • Moreover, tilting injection molding machine and rotary multi-mode injection molding machine.

Horizontal plastic injection machine

Basically, this is the most common type of plastic injection molding machine. The part of the machine, the mold unit and the nozzle parts come on the central axis and the mold opens in the horizontal direction.

Vertical injection molding machine (vertical press)

Injection Molding Machine Desktop 2022

As the name suggests, the part of the machine, the mold part and the nozzle parts will be on the center axis vertically, and the mold opens up in the vertical direction.

Tilt injection molding machine

The mold unit and the nozzle parts are not on the central axis, but form an eccentric angle. Injection direction and interface are on the same mold surface.

Multi-rotational injection molding machine

The multi-rotational injection molding machine comes by the clamping rotary device structure, the mold arranged around the rotating shaft.

Classification of plastic injection machines by size

In addition to the types introduced, plastic injection machines divides into large and mini machines in terms of size.

Big size

Generally, large plastic injection molding machines are large size plastic injection machines. This type of injection molding machine desktop will be good in production workshops with a pressing force ranging from 50 to more than 450 tons.

Mini size injection molding machine desktop

Generally, this is the miniature of the large model. There is no difference in the structure and operating principle of these two types of plastic injection molding machines. The most obvious difference between a large plastic injection machine and a mini plastic injection machine is the size and pressing force.

 With small size and weak pressure, this machine can only produce products of small size, not too good quality.

An indispensable step in the manufacturing process of plastic products is to press plastic into the plastic mold. It is to fill the mold cavity to create products on the injection machine.

Moreover, the injection molding machine desktop is responsible for supporting and clamping the plastic mold, melting the thermoplastic and injection molding with high pressure in the mold cavity.

How to shape material in injection molding machine desktop?

Then hold the mold to let the molten plastic in the mold cool down and shape the product when the mold is opened, the ejector system will push the plastic product out.

Such cycles continuously repeat for the mass production of plastic products. If you want to produce another product, people will make other molds and put that mold on the injection molding machine to continue the injection molding process.

1. Structure of injection molding machine.

05 basic systems of injection molding machines that operators, maintenance and repair of old injection molding machines need to know when working with the machine:

1- Clamping system

2- Mold system

3-Moreover, spray system

4- Injection molding support system

5- Furthermore, control system.

Injection molding support system has 04 main systems (Injection press support system)

Main parts in injection molding support system

– Body (Frame)

– Hydraulic system (Hydraulic system)

– Moreover, electrical system (Electrical system)

– and Cooling system (Cooling system)


Is the system that links and holds the systems and machine parts together to make the machine operate stably and reliably?

Hydraulic system:

Injection molding machine desktop provides the force to open and close the die generates and maintains the clamping force causing the screw to rotate and move back and forth giving force to the push pin and the sliding of the side core. Similarly, this system includes: pump, valve, motor, pipeline and oil tank..etc

Electrical system

Power supply for the electric motor and thermal control system goes through thermal rings (heater band). Furthermore, it is to ensure stable operation of the whole system through the wiring and control cabinet.

Cooling system of injection molding machine desktop

Provide water or ethyleneglycol solution to cool the mold, hydraulic oil and prevent the raw plastic at the hopper from melting. It is difficult for the upper raw plastic to enter the plastic chamber. The heat exchanger for hydraulic oil is about 90-120 degrees F.

The water temperature controller provides the right amount of heat, pressure, and flow to cool the hot plastic in the mold.

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