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Machine Injection Molding at Home: 8 Best Features

2022/01/13 By 兰兹

Machine Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding equipment

Plastic products play one of the main roles in human life. Moreover, this material is irreplaceable both in production and in everyday life. The manufacturing method is of interest to many people; in private houses, equipment for machine injection molding is increasingly appearing. 

This material is the most profitable of many production options. Furthermore, it is common to perform various products that are in demand in the household.

As for natural materials, which are very expensive and rather difficult to manufacture, plastic parts replace over time? In addition, this is because people do not think about how to produce products that are familiar and easy to use.


  • Types of plastics and raw materials
  • Manufacturing technique
  • Equipment for the manufacture of plastic items
  • Special equipment
  • Plastic molding at home
Machine Injection Molding

Raw materials of machine injection molding

For the production of polymer products, the following types of plastics are common:

  • polyethylene;
  • Similarly, polystyrene;
  • Moreover, polyethylene terephthalate;
  • Furthermore, polyvinyl chloride;
  • In addition, high and low pressure polyethylene;
  • polypropylene;

Generally, the quality of plastic manufacturing is the choice of raw materials. Even the best machine injection molding needs to be reconfigured when the starting material manufacturer changes.

Otherwise, the quality of the products produced will be completely different.

Manufacturing technique

Algorithm for the implementation of any type of plastic products:

  • the formation of an unambiguous chemical composition;
  • Moreover, gas comes into the polymer environment;
  • Subsequently, the resulting mass is given the desired casting;
  • Hence, setting the final shape.

Several Ways of Making Plastic Products

At the initial level, different components are mixed in order to obtain a plastic substance. After that, a gas adds to the polymer in a specific way: either the introduction of rapidly boiling substances or mechanical foaming.

Basically, they disappear when comes under gas pressure. The manufacturing method of machine injection molding depends on the type of polymer and products. Furthermore, there are several ways of making plastic products:

  • The presence of castings – the plastic mass turns into a liquid and pours into various forms similar to the finished product. As a result, quite a lot of objects form: dishes, stationery;
  • thermoforming;
  • compression molding – during the manufacturing process, the required amount of material comes in the mold, the halves are connected, and then the finished part forms;
  • encapsulation;
  • vacuum forming – Moreover, the required shapes obtain from plastic sheets under different pressures;
  • laminating;
  • Blowing out – the heated mass pours into the mold. Similarly, the mold closes and fills with air. In addition, the polymer spreads over the entire inner surface in equal amounts;
  • extrusion – there is a softening of the mass and its suppression through the matrix, which forms the required shape;
  • press molding – the work piece compresses inside the mold; excess material exits through the slots.
Machine Injection Molding 2022

Equipment for the manufacture of plastic items

To produce plastic products, you will need a finished production line or machine injection molding. Hence, any master can build it at home.

Extruders are a huge range of machines that facilitate the production of foam and window profiles, pipes and plastic slate, tubular and sheet films, polymer sheets. Simultaneously, the main structure of the machine is the excluder. 

The extrusion line is made up of a set of additional mechanisms. Manufacturing works in automatic mode, it regulates by a specific program.

An injection molding machine is a plastic injection molding machine. The pre-cooked mass shapes into molds and cooled. As a result, a finished piece forms.

Injection molding of plastics is a technological process of manufacturing products by processing thermoplastic polymers heated to a liquid state. Injection molding machines for the manufacture of plastics allow you to fully automate the production process, and create serial products of any size and configuration.

Features of machine injection molding

The principle of operation of injection molding machines for the production of plastics is to melt a granular polymer material to a liquid state and feed it under high pressure into a closed injection mold. Moreover, the product takes on the exact shape of the inner cavity of the mold.

Injection molding allows you to create products with the thinnest walls. They are easy to reinforced or empty inside, multi-colored and foamed. In addition, it combines various polymers. Various types of raw materials can be common in production: polyethylene, polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalates, polyvinyl chloride, and polypropylene.

The machines are adjusted for certain parameters:

  • consistency;
  • Moreover, the degree of viscosity;
  • Similarly, melting parameters.

The strength, quality and accuracy of the parameters of the products depend on the temperature and the value of the pressure indicators, which should be in the range from 80 to 200 MPa.

It is important to maintain the necessary balance, as low pressure can lead to the formation of cavities or under filling, and too high – to the formation of flash.

Varieties of machine injection molding methods

The determining factor in the choice of equipment is the methods of melting, which are injection or intrusive.

Machine injection molding is suitable for creating parts of complex configuration with walls of various thicknesses: from very thin to thick-walled. It is a popular method, comes by minimal shrinkage, the ability to use multi-cavity molds for molding plastics, working with any polymers.

The intrusive method is suitable for creating three-dimensional parts with thick walls. By rotating the worm screw, the molten mass feeds into the injection mold and fills it. Then a small amount of solution injects under pressure, filling all the cavities of the casting mold and compensating for the shrinkage of the cooling melt.

Features of the process machine injection molding

Creation of plastic products in injection molding machines takes place in several stages:

  1. Generally, polymer raw materials load into the receiving hopper of the injection molding machine.
  2. Under the influence of their own weight, the granules enter the screw zone, where they melt under the influence of high temperatures.
  3. Under high pressure, through the die of the plasticization module, the molten mass injects into the mold.
  4. In the process of cooling in the molds, the pressure gradually decreases, the products pull out.


The whole casting process takes from a few seconds to 10 minutes. In addition, it depends on the starting material, wall thickness, dimensions and configuration of the parts.

Machine injection molding create plastic car parts, various containers, stationery, toys, household items, components for electronics, medical equipment and other products.

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