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DIY Guide to Buy Molding Injection Machine in 2022

2022/02/26 By 兰兹

Molding Injection Machine 2022

Firstly, the molding injection machine is designed for molding plastic products under high pressure. This is the most demanded equipment for processing plastic and various thermoplastics: polyamide, polystyrene, polyolefins, polyesters, and polyphenylene oxides.

Furthermore, about half of plastic products are produced in injection molding and injection molding machines. Of these, more than half are made by injection molding.

Features of injection molding equipment

Moreover, injection molding machines are available in horizontal, vertical, and corner versions. Horizontal engines with vertical split molds and horizontal injection are the most convenient and functional. Differ in high productivity. Similarly, they have a clamping force of up to 6000 tons.
Molding Injection Machine

Vertical has horizontally located connectors and vertical injection. For instance, producing small parts, including those with reinforcing elements, is expected.

Large products of complex shapes are created on machines with an angular arrangement of nodes that conventional devices cannot produce. As well as they are available with a horizontal injection unit and a vertical mold opening, for instance, vertical injection and a horizontal mold opening.

Machine types of molding injection machine

In the second place, a vast range of injection molding machines for various purposes are produced, which divides into universal, particular microinjection machines and laboratory devices.

According to the type of processed polymeric materials are divided into:

 Injection molding machines for the manufacture of products from thermoplastics;
As well as the recto last machines standard for processing thermosetting raw materials;

Rubber casting machines

Subsequently, by appointment, injection molding machines are universal, in particular laboratories and for micro-molding.

  • Universal machines commonly manufacture a wide range of products in injection molds.
  • Non-standard products are created in special machines. These machines are the central nodes of complex technological lines.

Non-standard casting techniques can be shared:

  • multi-component and two-component casting;
  • microlayer injection molding;
  • Casting according to LFIM technology at low pressure.

      As a result, metal or ceramic powders, monomers, or foaming agents can be added to the mixture.

  • Devices for micro-casting and casting of thin-walled parts are expected to create serial small polymer products.
  • Laboratory machines are standard for developing new technologies, various tests, and monitoring all technological stages of casting.

Injection molding machine and how it works

Consequently, the injection molding machine is suitable for manufacturing products of various configurations with different wall thicknesses. The design of the device consists of multiple components and modules:

1) Receiving hopper, where prepared hard plastic granules feed.
2) A plasticizing and injection module designed to melt and feed raw materials under high pressure into injection molds. Furthermore, the unit has a worm mechanism, various screws and cylinders, and a tape heater.

3) In the second place, a molding injection machine, consisting of a movable die and a fixed punch, fixed on special plates and forming a cavity between them.4) Clamping unit, which closes the mold using an electrical or hydraulic mechanism before injecting polymer raw materials into it.

5)Similarly, a hydraulic mechanism consisting of control and distribution valves, pumps, power cylinders, and an ejector drive that removes finished products from molds.
6) An automatic control unit that allows you to set the operating parameters of the casting and control the entire technological process.

 The machine includes several main stages:

Molding injection machine loading with crushed polymers into the receiving hopper of the unit;
The movement of raw materials under the action of their weight in the screw zone, where melting occurs;
Moreover, injection of liquid polymer mass into the cavity of the injection mold;
cooling and hardening of finished products under pressure to prevent shrinkage and deformation.

Opening molds and removing products.

All stages form a repeating technological cycle. Further, its duration depends on the type of raw material, configuration, dimensions, and wall thickness of the products.

Main technical characteristics

The main parameters affecting the design, performance, and parameters of cast products are:
Molding Injection Machine 2022

  • Injection volume. Consequently, the indicator depends on the parameters of the manufactured castings.
  • Molding injection machine speed determines the feed rate of polymer raw materials into the mold. Moreover, it depends on the speed of the drill, its diameter, and the power of the machine.
  • Form closing force. This indicator affects the quality of the cast products and the efficiency of casting. With a weak locking of the form, a flash may form.

In addition, the product’s dimensions depend on the maximum distance between the matrix plates and punch, the stroke of the movable plate.

Main manufacturers molding injection

Modern manufacturers of molding injection machines offer horizontal, vertical, and angle injection machines with a clamping force of twenty to six thousand tons. For instance, the most popular models include devices from Chinese manufacturers:

Selection Tips Regarding Molding Injection Machine

 Finally, the choice of molding injection machine depends on the type of raw materials, the required quantity, and the range of thermoplastic products.

When choosing injection molding machines, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

Buy a desktop CNC milling machine

The desktop milling machine is the best choice for small businesses dealing with the production of individual and small-scale orders. Such machines can be used for various products, from souvenirs to parts for household appliances and cars. Desktop machines are also called desktop milling machines.

This versatile equipment has a cantilever layout of a standard-type desktop milling machine suitable even for domestic use. Only one stable table measuring 50 by 50 centimeters is needed to install this equipment. In addition, the power of the electric drive of desktop machines reaches 1 kilowatt.

Buy a 3D CNC milling machine.

With the help of a 3D CNC milling machine, you can produce various parts and products. At the same time, human participation is reduced to a minimum. Moreover, this means that the possibility of error is also minimized.

How can we buy Injection molding machine?

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Furthermore, we will help you choose the suitable molding injection machine and molds for casting. Again, let’s carry out delivery of injection molding machines setup and commissioning of machines. Calculate the required amount of raw materials. Moreover, we professionals can train your technicians. Similarly, they provide warranty and post-warranty support.

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