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Open Day | Topstar held the first overseas plastics equipment exhibition in Indonesia

2023/09/01 By topstar


From August 23rd to 25th, 2023, Topstar and Indonesian agent EKA team held a grand factory open day in Jakarta. The event centered on the theme of “Better Technology, Better Life”, and showed the classic models and popular industry application solutions of Topstar to local customers and friends.

On the scene of the open day, Topstar displayed 4 sets of injection molding automation solutions for the local popular packaging industry and civil products industry.

Through on-site demonstration, technical explanation and experience of finished products, local customers and friends can get close to the advantages of good stability of the machine and high pass rate of finished products.

With the Indonesian manufacturing to the high-end competition pattern, the development of the local manufacturing industry is also facing a lot of pressure. How to move from “quantitative change” to “qualitative change”? Indonesian manufacturing enterprises are determined to realize this change through Industry 4.0.

The highlight of the open day is the “central feeding system” of Topstar. Raw materials go from storage tanks to a central feeding system through a centralized piping system. After sufficient drying, they are transported to the injection molding machines.

Customers and friends can follow the route of “raw materials → storage → measurement → drying → delivery → use”, observe the complete centralized material supply system workflow, and feel the magic of intelligent manufacturing production.

During the open day, Topstar’s team of experts according to the customer’s specific production needs, on-site customized solutions. Through accurate ROI and COW accounting, customers intuitively feel the beauty of intelligent manufacturing.

In addition, some customers shared the problems encountered by their factories in actual production. The technical team explained the problems in detail and provided hands-on guidance and optimization suggestions. In the interactive discussion, the technical team’s vigor made the customers and friends praise each other.

Over the past few years, the manufacturing industry has faced unprecedented challenges. However, this event gave us a sense of the resilience and adaptability of Indonesian manufacturing companies, and it is this strong ability that has brought us to where we are today. Topstar, will continue to keep an open mind to embrace these changes and continue to provide innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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