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What are the details of the Injection molding machine procurement?

2023/09/04 By 兰兹

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Injection molding machine procurement is complex and critical, especially if the buyer is in the enterprise. Whether you are an experienced purchaser or a novice, we need to control the details of the whole process before purchasing an injection molding machine. Often, in almost the same cases, it is the control of the elements that everyone can win. So today, we will discuss the details you should pay attention to when purchasing an injection molding machine!

1. Pay attention to capacity and specifications when Injection molding machine procurement

When we purchase an injection molding machine, we need to pay attention to two points: capacity and specifications. Starting from the production needs of the respective companies, including the required output, product size and materials used, etc. Determine the capacity and specifications of the injection molding machine according to production needs to ensure that it can meet production requirements. After clarifying your needs, you can screen out some suppliers that do not meet the criteria. This step is also the most basic one. It is easy, and the specifications must be more detailed, specific to the injection volume, holding pressure, number of cavities, and adjustability. , material compatibility, and more.

2. Observe the quality and reliability when Injection molding machine procurement

The quality and reliability of an injection molding machine are the most critical factors to consider when purchasing an injection molding machine. The supplier should have a solid reputation in the field, which can be found in its brand name or other references, because he will provide high-quality service in your cooperation process. Therefore, choosing a reliable supplier with experience selling these products is necessary. Before deciding on a supplier, check out their website and learn more about them. After-sales service is another factor to pay attention to when choosing an injection molding machine supplier; if you encounter any problems after using this product, please seek help from him immediately! Find out how long the supplier and after-sales service’s scope and response time offer the warranty. Make sure that the supplier can resolve possible failures and problems promptly.

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3. Supplier research is also needed

When choosing a supplier, there are many factors to consider. You need to learn about their experience and reputation and whether they have a quality management system (such as ISO 9001). Suppose you also request proof of product liability insurance. In that case, this will protect you from claims by third parties for injuries caused by defective products produced by the supplier’s machine tool equipment or assembly line equipment (such as injection molding machines). Also, for potential buyers seeking injection molding machines from China or elsewhere abroad, it may be wise to check references of other companies, talk to suppliers, and inquire about their experience and technical prowess in the injection molding machine manufacturing field. Learn about their research and development capabilities, production processes, and product innovation capabilities.

4. Find out their prices and delivery times

Your next step is to compare their prices and delivery times. Price is important because it determines how much you need to spend on the machine, but is not the only factor determining which provider you choose. The price of a device usually depends on its size and complexity, so if you want something small but complex, expect your unit cost to be higher than the cost of buying a batch injection molding machine. Delivery time is necessary because if there’s no rush to get the new devices up and running, or there isn’t any urgency to deliver them quickly, then waiting longer doesn’t matter. For specific projects or urgent needs, negotiate with the supplier for expedited processing options and understand the additional fees and conditions.

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5. Final inspection and testing

Before receiving the injection molding machine, check whether its specifications and functions meet your requirements. Compare the specifications and features in relevant technical documentation and instructions with the product to ensure it is in good condition and working correctly. Upon delivery, the buyer shall test the equipment to ensure it works as expected. If there are any issues with the device, you should request a refund or replacement from the supplier. The following points should be checked during the final inspection: The model is correct. Make sure all accessories are included with your order. The injection molding machine’s mechanical and electrical systems must also be tested to ensure they function correctly and meet your expectations. Testing can also help you detect and resolve any possible issues and glitches.

Brief summary

All in all, this is a complex process. It requires a lot of attention and research work. Buyers must be more patient and pay more attention to details when choosing an injection molding machine company. In this article, we have shared many of Topstar‘s views from the buyers’ perspective, hoping these can help you choose the right product.

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