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Putting Your Trust in the Middle Speed Granulator

2023/07/17 By 兰兹

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In the whole process of plastic granulation, we will see machines with different powers, such as low-speed granulators, middle speed granulator, and so on. So what we share with you today is the middle speed granulator, which is not only suitable for hard engineering plastic granulation but also for soft plastic granulation. Also suitable for many different industries and like most granulators can help companies save money and increase productivity. Compared with other products on the market today, it can provide stable and reliable power, which is worthy of everyone’s trust.

The machine breaks the plastic into smaller particles through friction and impact!

The middle speed granulator is a machine that breaks plastics into smaller particles by friction and impact. It does this using a high power output, which enables it to process different grades of plastic. The production process of plastic pellets includes feeding, mixing, and cutting. The first step is to feed the material into a medium-speed granulator, where it is ground into small pieces by the rotating blades in the barrel. Next, these pieces are mixed with water by a paddle wheel, making them wet for cutting. Finally, these tiny pieces are further whittled down until they are ready for other applications.

Depending on the particle size of the plastic, it can be ground to different sizes!

Depending on the size of the plastic particles, it is ground into different sizes. It depends on machine speed and grinding material. The type of granulator used will also affect the final granule size. For example, if you are using a new medium-speed granulator, it is better to use smaller high-melting point raw materials because these materials can withstand higher speeds without breaking down into smaller pieces during processing. The pellet production process also plays an important role in determining particle size: if you choose to pelletize rather than grind your plastic waste into fine powder-like particles, you will have less surface area exposed during the grinding process and less surface area to absorb moisture!

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The middle speed granulator has high power output and can handle different grades of plastics!

The middle speed granulator has high power output and can process different grades of plastics. It is a good thing that you can produce high-quality pellets with this machine, as it will also reduce your production costs by ensuring that you use less energy than before. The first thing to consider when buying a medium-speed granulator is whether it has enough power to meet your needs. If there is not enough power, then your productivity will be significantly reduced because the material being processed will not be subjected to enough force.

The middle speed granulator adopts different plastic granule production processes!

It is also an excellent machine for making plastic pellets of different types and sizes. They use different plastic pellet production processes, such as extrusion, injection molding, etc. The medium-speed granulator can make hard engineering plastic granules or other materials into fine powder in a short time, with high production capacity. Driving at moderate speeds ensures that your products stay cool during processing, preventing any damage from overheating during production times lasting up to several hours!

It is the main equipment in the plastic granulation process!

The middle speed granulator is the main equipment in the plastic granulation process. It is a high-performance machine suitable for granulating hard engineering plastics and soft plastic materials. The medium-speed granulator has the characteristics of a compact body, small footprint, convenient operation, stable and reliable function, etc. Using such equipment greatly reduces your error rate. For any company that wants to carry out the plastic granulation process, this is what you must add to the production line. We have received very good feedback from customers, they trust this machine very much!

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We believe

The middle speed granulator is one of the most reliable pieces of equipment on your production line. This is not just our one-sided words here, but also the feedback and appreciation given to us by many customers who have used it. At the same time, Topstar is also capable of providing such equipment to you. Years of experience tell you that we are also a company worthy of your trust. You will get what you want on our official website!

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