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Star Case | Import Substitution of Electric Injection Molding Machine

2023/08/15 By topstar


In recent years, China’s manufacturing equipment enterprises have increased scientific and technological innovation. It caused a wave of “domestic instead of imported”. Many manufacturing enterprises actively promote the localization of equipment. Shenzhen Guangbo Guangneng Technology Co., Ltd. (GBGN) is one of them. Let’s take a look at how the Topstar TEII electric injection molding machine helped them upgrade manufacturing processes!

01 Domestic electric injection molding machine into the precision optical manufacturing enterprise

GBGN was founded in 2011, it is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of ultra-precision basic optical products. Its products are used in a wide range of applications, including lighting, projection imaging, infrared sensing, and solar energy applications.

With the rise of markets for consumer electronics, industrial machine vision, automotive, medical and security, the optics industry is witnessing a wide scope of development. This promotes the rapid development of precision optical components and precision optical lenses. Riding this wave, GBGN’s production of optical components continues to grow.

GBGN’s products belong to the field of optical microprocessing, which is more precise than ordinary optical products. Mr Liu, Chairman of GBGN, said “The processing requirements for precision optical components are very strict. For example, a quality lens must have a smooth surface and clear texture in order to achieve even light transmission.”


How to find a balance between production and quality is the most concerning issue for GBGN. Based on the ultra-precise nature of optical components, the market usually uses electric injection molding technology.

In the past, GBGN encountered problems with imported electric injection molding machines that could not be flexibly adapted to the injection molding process and difficulties in after-sales service. Faced with the inconvenience of production and the urgent need to control the injection molding technology, GBGN turned its attention to domestic injection molding equipment.

02 TEII electric injection molding machine produces high-quality optical components

At present, Chinese manufacturing is in the stage of high-quality development. China’s manufacturing enterprises had strong independent research and development strength. They soon made a breakthrough in core control system technology. The strong rise of “national products” makes GBGN have more confidence in domestic electric injection molding machines.

Based on the friendly cooperation in the automation production line, GBGN quickly selected the Topstar TEII electric injection molding machine and ran it in the “Fresnel Lens” production line.

Fresnel lenses have equidistant teeth on the side, which can reflect or refract the light to the specified spectral range. This means that the lens molding needs to take into account both precision and light transmission.

Topstar’s technical team developed a new solution for GBGN, focusing on optimizing “metrological precision”, “high holding pressure control for molding”, “improved injection compression function”, “Specialised Optical Screws” and “Components” modules. The customized design ensures consistency and the new product has high repeatability and perfect tooth shape.


“It has been proven that Topstar TEII electric injection molding machine can ensure the molding and precision optical components’ yield. In addition, Topstar has more advantages in the customization of solutions, production process optimization, and after-sales service, which provides us with great convenience.” Mr. Liu expressed his gratitude to the Topstar service team.

03 Topstar creates value for the high-precision industry

The successful case of GBGN is a solid step for TEII electric injection molding machines in the high-precision industry. It also represents that Topstar’s machine plays a positive role in “helping enterprises to improve the market competitiveness”.

Mr. Liu said, “We expect Topstar to make more breakthroughs in the field of electric injection molding machine technology and provide more diversified industry solutions”. Topstar will always adhere to the “wholeheartedly for customer service” concept, and thus promote the localization of manufacturing equipment to contribute to a force!


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