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Top 10 brands of injection robots: Topstar

2024/01/06 By 兰兹

Top 10 brands of injection robots

Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. is the first listed core robot company in Guangdong Province and one of the top 10 brands of injection robots. Among the top 10 brands of injection robots, Topstar has long been committed to the innovation and application of industrial manufacturing automation, as well as its three core technologies of the controller, servo drive, and vision system, to create a driven, intelligent hardware platform and provide innovative manufacturing solutions for manufacturing companies. Plan. In this article, we will introduce the advantages of Topstar’s injection robot.

Topstar: Leader of the top ten brands of injection molding robots

Topstar is located in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Known for its extensive range of injection molding robots designed to meet various manufacturing needs.

Our R&D team is committed to researching and developing three core intelligent equipment and components: industrial robots, injection molding machines, and CNC. This comprehensive focus covers critical technologies such as control, servo, and vision systems. Our technical and management teams have rich experience from well-known industry enterprises and rich theoretical and practical experience.

Our R&D team utilizes a systematic R&D process (IPD) to ensure scientific control of projects. Continuously launch independent products with market competitiveness. This strategic approach has injected muscular scientific and technological strength into Tongshida’s overall strategy of building an “intelligent hardware platform driven by core technology.” Explore Topstar’s cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet diverse manufacturing needs and learn how our commitment to innovation can enhance your production capabilities.

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Topstar: The influence of the top 10 brands of injection robots

Topstar has six domestic theaters + overseas theaters, more than 40 offices, and service networks, and its products and services cover more than 50 overseas countries and regions. Industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, and consumer goods can use our injection robots widely. Its versatility and adaptability make it the first choice of manufacturers worldwide.

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Advantages of Topstar injection robot

Imported brand absolute value coordinate motor

The speed of Topstar’s injection molding robot is as high as 6000r/min, which is 33% higher than the previous generation model; their absolute encoder can quickly reset after an abnormal alarm occurs, eliminating the need for repeated zeroing actions and improving usage efficiency10 %; They use a 200W motor instead of a 400W motor to achieve an overall energy saving of 2%, and also make the standard pickup cycle as fast as 4.9 seconds.

High-precision C-axis (posture part)

Standard injection molding robots come equipped with air-buffered cylinders from imported brands. They feature a speed-adjustable motion structure and are fitted with precision bearings, achieving an accuracy increase of 0.01mm. Simultaneously, their specially designed automation caters to a standard load of 10kg.

Drive and control integrated servo.

We use highly integrated modularization to reduce external communication wiring, ensure zero-fault communication through high-speed data transmission, and adopt a DC bus shared circuit design, making them 2% more energy efficient than traditional configurations.

New control system

This generation of injection molding robots has an efficient and humanized intelligent robot programming language that can flexibly call subroutines to improve programming efficiency. Their take-out and falling-side dual-origin programs can quickly reset after abnormal alarms, improving production efficiency. They also have a 3D linear interpolation function, allowing them to increase the efficiency of embedded parts by more than 15% when performing isolated motion. The self-diagnostic system will enable them to carry out intelligent maintenance reminders.

Extremely lightweight

High-precision aluminum profiles replace iron square tubes; the design makes the slide base and arms lightweight, reducing the overall weight by 13kg compared with the previous generation model.

Level up your manufacturing with Topstar injection robots

Topstar stands as one of the top 10 brands of injection robots, recognized for precision, speed, versatility, and sustainability. Our injection molding manipulators, designed for 50T-1300T horizontal injection molding machines, streamline the manufacturing workflow. With high-speed and high-precision capabilities, Topstar’s robots optimize the injection molding process, ensuring consistent and precise production of plastic parts. Fast cycle times and quick response capabilities improve efficiency, accelerating production cycles and enhancing manufacturing throughput. This efficiency is particularly valuable for meeting stringent production schedules and optimizing resource utilization.

Whether your business operates in Europe, North America, or the Middle East, our global services cater to your needs. Our experts provide technical support through video calls or on-site assistance, covering initial installation and commissioning, daily maintenance, emergency fault assistance, and equipment optimization services.

Top 10 brands of injection robots

Topstar Vision

We will continue to uphold our vision of helping one million manufacturing companies realize intelligent manufacturing and one million engineers serving smart manufacturing. Continue to invest in research and development to explore industrial manufacturing equipment that improves performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

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