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TOPSTAR And SAITE Reached a Strategic Cooperation, Will Start The “Quarantine Hotel Epidemic Prevention Robot” Project Cooperation

2022/04/11 By topstar

On April 1, 2022, the launching ceremony of TOPSTAR and SAITE’s “Quarantine Hotel Epidemic Prevention Robot” project was held at TOPSTAR’s headquarters. SAITE’s Chairman Li Rui and Vice General Manager Zhang Xubiao, TOPSTAR’s Chairman Wu Fengli, Vice President Yang Shuangbao, General Manager of Robotics Division Zhang Peng, and other senior representatives from both sides attended the launching ceremony.

At the meeting, the two sides reached a consensus on the strategic cooperation project of “Quarantine Hotel Epidemic Prevention Robot” and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two sides will work together to carry out in-depth cooperation, focusing on promoting the innovative application of epidemic prevention robots and using the power of science and technology to help our country prevent and fight epidemics.

Both Sides Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Currently, the number of new cases of indigenous infection is still increasing nationwide, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still serious and complex. Traditional isolation hotel manual efficiency is low, manual disinfection is not complete, personnel contact infection risk and other painful problems need to be solved. For this reason, TOPSTAR and SAITE will start strategic cooperation on the “epidemic prevention robot” project.

The project will use unmanned vehicles with collaborative robots application scenarios, to achieve the full process of unmanned meals, and goods distribution services. The unmanned operation mode will not only greatly reduce direct contact and transmission risk, but also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of epidemic prevention. Using technology to serve efficient and accurate epidemic prevention work plays an important role in achieving effective and scientific epidemic prevention management in isolation sites.

Wu Fengli, Chairman of TOPSTAR

At the meeting, Wu Fengli said that in 2020,  TOPSTAR had independently developed a mask machine to help fight the epidemic, and this time  TOPSTAR will again actively practice corporate social responsibility. TOPSTAR will take this cooperation as an opportunity to give full play to its products and technical advantages, and provide highly adapted robots and whole life cycle services for the project. At the same time, TOPSTAR will also work with SAITE to build a robot supply chain ecology, and make efficient upgrades in efficiency and application scale, hoping to realize the intelligent upgrade of the isolation link under the efforts of both sides, and jointly help China’s efficient and accurate epidemic prevention.

Li Rui, Chairman of SAITE

Li Rui mentioned that SAITE has been providing intelligent “contactless services” for the front line of epidemic prevention since 2020, and has accumulated rich experience in the application of epidemic prevention robots. The in-depth cooperation with TOPSTAR is expected to standardize and modularize the solution, combine with TOPSTAR robots to achieve flexible reorganization, form subdivision industry standard workstations, solve the epidemic prevention pain points, and promote to the whole country, and contribute to the scientific and technological strength for China’s epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic.

TOPSTAR is the first Guangdong robotics backbone enterprise landed on GEM, which has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent manufacturing and committed to the innovation and application of industrial intelligence since its establishment 15 years ago. And SAITE is a professional low-speed unmanned all-scene solution provider, focusing on research and innovation of industry core technologies such as high-precision indoor and outdoor positioning and navigation, machine vision, and intelligent cluster scheduling.

This cooperation is an important initiative of TOPSTAR and SAITE for China’s epidemic prevention and control and national major needs. It signifies that both parties will plan new development together on a new cooperation starting point, and actively fulfill their corporate social responsibility to increase energy for “epidemic prevention and control”.

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