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What is manipulator? Ultimate Guide 2022

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What is manipulator?

What is manipulator? Firstly, the CNC lathe manipulator attachment uses to fix the processing object during the mechanical manufacturing process to make it occupy the correct position. CNC lathe manipulator attachment uses to support construction or inspection installation, also known as attachment.


 In general terms, any process in the process use to install the part quickly, conveniently and safely can call CNC lathe manipulator clamping. Among them, machine tool accessories are the most common, often call accessories for short.

Scope of application:

According to the application characteristics of CNC manipulator parts and accessories, it can be divided into:

1. Dedicated fixture.

What is manipulator? Moreover, it is specially design and manufacture for the needs of fixing a certain part of the product in a certain process. The purpose of the service focuses and highly relevant. It usually designs by the product manufacturer himself.

Eventually, it is commonly use as lathe attachments and milling machine attachments. Drilling dies, boring dies (machine tool attachments to guide the boring bar for drilling holes in the work piece). In addition, the accompanying accessories uses for mobile clamping in the automatic line of modular machine tools).

2. Universal procedures and fixing

What is manipulator? Such as lathes, chucks, suction cups, indexing heads and rotary tables, etc. It has great versatility and can better adapt to the transformation of processing procedures and processing objects. The structure finalizes, and the size and specifications were series. Subsequently, most manipulator attachments have become a standard attachment for machine tools.

3. Combo manipulator accessories

It is fasteners compose of standardizes components of different shapes and specifications. It is uses for manipulator accessories and suitable for single-piece, small-batch productions.

What is manipulator? Secondly, the design of the manipulator should be such that the positioning accuracy of the plasma torch is high (this will ensure the exact location of the heating spot in relation to the work piece and` the cutting tool), the maintenance of the manipulator when reinstalling the plasma torch is convenient, and the time spent on reinstallation is small;

Product Advantages and Simple installation and operation

What is manipulator? Moreover, installation is convenient, operation is simple, and there is no professional requirement for the user. The equipment has a high degree of freedom. As well as, it can turn and mill in-line and it can also rotate and rub for automatic detection at the same time. Moreover, it can be suitable for various needs of automatic processing and loading and unloading.


Firstly, the manipulators are fixed on the plasma torch in a certain position relative to the work piece being processed is carried out using manipulators.

 Manipulators have the following requirements:

 • Fastening of the plasma torch in a given position must be rigid;

• There should be low sensitivity to vibrations that occur during processing.

On fig. 29.3 shows a manipulator with manual movement of the plasma torch in the processing area of ​​a lathe. The manipulator consists of a base 9, on which carriages 7 and 8 install to move the round guide 3 in two mutually perpendicular directions.

What is manipulator angle of rotation measures?

 The base 9 fixes in the tool holder of the lathe. The guide 3 and the carriage 4 allow you to move the pantograph 2 with the plasma torch 7 in the vertical direction. Pantograph 2 serves to rotate the plasma torch in a horizontal plane. Furthermore, it is driven by handle 6.

Subsequently, the angle of rotation measures by dial 5. The rotation of the plasmatron in the vertical plane carries out by turning the pantograph with dial 5 and handle 6 around the horizontal axis in the bearing located in the carriage 4.

Manipulator for a lathe with manual movement of the plasma torch in the processing area

What is manipulator? The manipulator is shown in fig. 29.4, design to mount on the support of a heavy screw-cutting lathe. It allows you to make a rough adjustment of the position of the plasma torch using the handle 10 and the nut 9 when the arc is off.

manipulator 2022

Furthermore, adjustment of the position of the plasma torch can perform before starting work or during turning. The flywheel 6 moves the plasma torch, clamped in the holder 7, in the horizontal direction at a distance of up to 200 mm.

What is manipulator manual movement?

As well as, the rotation of the plasma torch around the horizontal axis carries out with the help of the handle 4 and the worm pair with the wheel 8, and around the vertical axis – with the flywheel 7 and the worm pair with the wheel 2.

The angles of rotation count with an accuracy of carries out according to the dials 3 and 5. In addition, all rotations and linear movements carry out independently of each other, due to which the manipulator is quite versatile.

Manipulator with manually adjustable position of the plasma torch

What is manipulator? The scheme of the manipulator with remote control of the position of the plasma torch for a large lathe is shown in fig. 29.5. In the body 13 of the manipulator, the boom 22 moves, rigidly connect to the nut 19.

In addition, the nut moves from the lead screw 18, which receives rotation from the stepper motor 27 through the worm 10, the worm wheel 28, and the hollow shaft 77 and further through the bevel gear (14 and 17).

Further, inside the lead screw there is a telescopic shaft 20, which rotates the bracket 25 through the worm 21 and the wheel 26. Clamp 23, electrically isolates from the manipulator, mounts on the bracket, in which the plasma torch installs. Shaft 20 is driven by a stepper motor 9 through a worm 29 and a wheel 8 and further through a bevel gear

Manipulator for a lathe with remote control of the position of the plasma torch

Lastly, by turning the bracket 25, as well as the clamp 23 around the axis of the clamping screw with the nut 24, the plasma torch install relative to the work piece being processed at a given angle.

What is manipulator? The manipulator suspends from the bracket 1, rigidly attach to the carousel slider. The vertical movement of the slider with the bracket 1, the manipulator also moves and the smooth part of the body 13 guides and support by the bracket 12, fix on the machine support.

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