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Topstar Launched The MBW-130Pro High Speed Heavy Load Injection Robot

2022/03/30 By topstar

MBW-130 Pro

With the rapid development of the plastics processing industry in China, the degree of automation of injection molding equipment is becoming higher and higher. Modern injection molding machines are often equipped with injection robots to improve production efficiency. The injection robot is specially equipped with machinery for the automation of injection molding production, which can play an important role in improving the production efficiency of injection molding machines, stabilizing product quality, reducing production costs, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

Recently, TOPSTAR launched the MBW-130Pro high-speed heavy load injection robot. The main focus of the product is a high speed, high load, with high speed, accurate, humane, strong applicability, and other characteristics, equipped with self-researched TOPSTAR three-axis servo and control system, the main arm up and down stroke 1400mm, front and rear stroke 750mm, standard load 7kg, the maximum load 10kg, the fastest take out time up to 1.8s, applicable to most brands in the market injection molding machine below 1000T models. It can be widely used in home appliances, daily chemical, automotive, and other industries, especially for the rapid removal of thin-walled molding products such as paint pails, fast food boxes, electrical parts, etc.

Generally speaking, the longer the robot arm, the greater the load, the longer the removal cycle. And MBW-130Pro as the strength of the Topstar high-speed heavy load injection robot can be described as both speed and strength. In the same scene, with the same arm length as similar products, MBW-130Pro takes out the speed has an absolute advantage.

Topstar since the launch of the first self-developed robot system in 2011, has accumulated more than ten years of product development and production experience, through continuous optimization and innovation, has formed a rich variety of robot product series, and occupies an important share of the market.

At present, Topstar has industrial robots, injection molding machines and peripheral equipment, five-axis machining center, and other core products, with completely independent motion control technology, modular servo drive technology, stable and reliable body technology, and a flexible vision system, can provide intelligent factory solutions for manufacturing enterprises, to help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency.

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