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Topstar launched the new GU-80S injection robot!

2022/02/09 By topstar


Imported brand absolute value coordinate motor.

  1. Rotation speed up to 6000r/min, 33% higher than the previous generation model.
  2. Absolute value encoder, fast reset after abnormal alarm, eliminating repeated zeroing action and increased the efficiency use by 10%.
  3. 200W motor instead of 400W motor, saving energy 2%.
  4. Standard pickup complete cycle up to 4.9s.

Integrated drive control servo.

  1. Highly integrated modularity, reducing external communication wiring.
  2. High-speed data transmission with zero communication failure.
  3. DC bus standard circuit design, 2% energy saving compared to traditional configuration.

New control system.

  1. Efficient and humanized robot intelligent programming language can flexibly call subroutines and improve coding efficiency.
  2. Take out, drop side dual origin program, can quickly reset after the alarm, improve production efficiency.
  3. With the 3D linear interpolation function, arc motion improves the efficiency of embedded parts by more than 15%.
  4. The self-diagnostic system is an intelligent reminder of maintenance and repair.

High precision C-axis (posture part).

  1. Standard equipped with gas cushion imported brand cylinder, free of speed regulation.
  2. Motion structure mounted precision bearings, precision up to 0.01mm.
  3. A standard load of 10kg is designed for inlay automation.

The ultimate in lightweight.

  1. High-precision aluminum profiles instead of iron square passages.
  2. The sliding seat and arm’s lightweight design is 13kg less weight than the previous generation model.


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