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Topstar Selected for Key Industry Chain Master List

2023/08/08 By topstar


Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the “2022 Guangdong Provincial Strategic Industrial Clusters Key Industrial Chain “Chain Master” Enterprises List (First Batch)”. This list covers 11 industrial clusters, 32 key industrial chains, 32 chain master enterprises and 9 cities.

Among them, Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as one of the enterprises in “Guangdong strategic emerging industry clusters–intelligent robotics–industrial robotics industry chain master”.

Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology public document

Guangdong Province continues to promote the “chain master” development strategy. Selection of “chain master” enterprises is conducive to the establishment of a ” strategic industrial clusters key industry chain” new pattern.

Topstar adheres to the development strategy of “building an intelligent hardware platform driven by core technology”, and integrates into the planning, construction and optimisation of “strategic emerging industry cluster industrial chain”. Topstar actively promotes the”expanding, complementing, improving the industry chain”  work, cooperation with the industry chain of high-quality development of enterprises.

Six-Axis-Industrial-Robots 6

Over the past three years, Topstar invested 430 million yuan in R & D. More than 1,000 R&D staff focus on “intelligent equipment” research and development. And they gradually achieved the controller, servo drive, vision system, and other underlying technology of import substitution.

At present, Costa has four main businesses: “industrial robots and automation application systems”, “injection molding machines and their supporting equipment”, “CNC machines“, and “Intelligent energy and environmental management systems”.

Topstar–Industrial Robotics Industry Chain

1. Equipment demand

Topstar has integrated the process of “core components + robot body + system” to provide customers with one-stop solutions.

2 Financial leasing

Topstar cooperates with professional financial service institutions to provide customers with financial leasing services to reduce the capital pressure on enterprises.

3 Industrial chain services

Topstar has two platforms “TuoTuo Technology” and “JICHENGXIA”. They provide enterprises with “after-sales service”, “engineer resources”, “sharing solutions”, “business opportunities”, “equipment purchase” and other services.

Topstar has a wealth of solution experience in “3C, auto parts, new energy, semiconductor, medical” and other fields. Topstar is committed to solving the enterprise “artificial replacement, high energy consumption, low output” problem. It helps enterprises to achieve “equipment intelligence, production line automation, management information, and decision-making data to achieve a comprehensive upgrade.

In the future, Topstar will continue to promote the “localization of key components” research and development; new park operations, attracting enterprises; building industrial clusters, and promoting the high-quality development of the industry chain.

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