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Topstar won the Dongguan “friendly enterprise” honorary title.

2022/02/10 By topstar

The Fourth Friendly Enterprise Conference

On the morning of January 19th, the fourth “friendly enterprise” conference in Dongguan City, sponsored by the publicity department of the Dongguan Municipal Committee and the Municipal Civilization Office, was held in Hengli Town. Topstar won the Dongguan City, the fourth “friendly enterprise” honorary title. And Topstar party branch secretary Liu Liyun attended the event to accept the medal, and as a representative of “friendly enterprises” at the conference site to make a “friendly fire to help warm the city of Dongguan” keynote speech, sharing the Topstar “friendly enterprise” experience.

Liu Liyun said that Dongguan is a fertile ground for enterprise innovation and development. in the face of the new situation and new challenges, the government at all levels implements various beneficial policies to help the development of enterprises so that Topstar can stand out. Topstar, in the growth process, fully felt the love and friendliness of the city of Dongguan but was also very happy to pass out this friendly to customers, employees, to the community with deep feelings.

Topstar actively participates in charity activities

We have always adhered to the mission of “making industrial manufacturing better”. Over the years, it has actively responded to the “6-30” Poverty Alleviation Day in Guangdong Province and Dongguan Charity Day. This includes participating in activities to help children in need establish a book corner in Dalingshan Town.

During the epidemic, 12000 masks and 200000 yuan were donated to Dongguan Dalingshan Charity Foundation. We developed and donated four sets of children’s mask machines and supplied 42 sets of mask production equipment to other provinces and cities…… We advocate a “friendly” culture through a series of good deeds. Actively carry out charitable activities and create a friendly environment. Actions to develop social and environmental status and a friendly ecological atmosphere.

The Fourth “Friendly Enterprise” Selection Activity in Dongguan

In August 2021, Dongguan City’s fourth “friendly enterprise” selection activity was officially launched. After the enterprise declaration, town and street recommendation, departmental audit, site visits, centralized evaluation, media publicity, and other links, the official selection of the fourth “friendly enterprises” in Dongguan.

This time, Topstar won the “Friendly Enterprise” title, which affirmed the company’s corporate culture construction. Next, Topstar will continue to deepen the structure of “friendly enterprises.” Always respond to the call of the Party and the government, and never forget the original mission.

Actively practice the core socialist values. We will thoroughly implement the 15th Party Congress and take a foothold in the new starting point of “Shuangwan.” Friendly We will continue to implement the spirit of the city’s 15th Party Congress. Based on the unique starting point of “Double Millions,” we will integrate friendship into enterprise management. Focus on scientific and technological innovation and advanced manufacturing industry, and contribute to a new chapter of Dongguan’s modernization.

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