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Topstar’s advantages as an injection molding machine brand

2024/01/19 By 兰兹

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Topstar is an injection molding machine brand from China. It uses industrial robots, injection molding machines, and CNC as its core intelligent equipment and its three-core controller, servo drive, and vision system technologies. Create a smart hardware platform driven by core technology to provide innovative factory solutions for manufacturing companies.

Intelligent injection molding machine brand

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, manufacturing factories in China and worldwide are gradually implementing intelligence to reduce labor costs. Topstar’s intelligent whole plant includes a one-stop module planning and construction: injection molding machine + auxiliary equipment, front-end automated central feeding, back-end robot automation module, water, electricity, and energy module, and data management MES module to achieve intelligent injection molding. Factory modular planning makes manufacturing more accessible. An innovative manufacturing service platform that realizes the integration of factory planning + injection molding, automated production line + data management.

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Injection molding machine equipment intelligence

Topstar’s complete injection molding equipment includes machines, robots, and auxiliary equipment. We have integrated an industrial Internet of Things platform and self-developed servo, control, and vision systems that align with industry processes. We have functions such as high-response pressure closed-loop control, multi-pump closing/diverting hydraulic control, and functional safety. It is the best choice for the power drive of injection molding machines. The control platform integrates with the injection molding machine controller, enhancing collaboration and efficiency between the machine and the robot.

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Provide solutions for different automation industries

As an intelligent injection molding machine brand, it not only realizes intelligence in injection molding production but also provides automation application system business, providing manufacturing companies with professional automation solutions to help them quickly become intelligent and implement large-scale industrial production of new technologies. For example, we have over 100 patented technologies in automobile auto parts, covering 13 processes, including welding, cladding, spraying, and assembly. We provide car door panel welding and Dongfeng Honda armrest gluing line solutions. It maintains technological leadership in lithium battery manufacturing, assembly, and assembly equipment and has obtained over 100 national patents. It has also established strategic partnerships with well-known battery companies such as ATLCATL and BYD. Our products have been exported to the United States, India, and other countries and regions.

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Lithium battery equipment
Injection molding machine brand 6
Auto Part Equipment

Customer service process

Unlike traditional equipment suppliers focusing on product sales and quality control, Topstar develops products, provides high-quality after-sales services, and implements the core value of “serving customers wholeheartedly.” We have service outlets worldwide to respond to customer needs quickly, collect customers’ on-site information and record faults, give rational maintenance suggestions, and help customers adjust their equipment to the best condition as soon as possible.

overseas influence

Topstar is actively developing its presence in the global market. As of June 30, 2023, it has approximately 30 domestic offices. Topstar (Vietnam) Technology Co., Ltd. has been established, and it is increasing efforts to develop its business in Mexico and enhance its competitiveness in overseas markets. In February 2023, Topstar will participate in the five-day PlastIndia (India International Plastics Exhibition) and work with local partners to bring new high-quality electric injection molding machines and supporting auxiliary equipment based on India’s market demand and industry development. Presented at this exhibition. Last year, we appeared at the plastics industry exhibitions in Vietnam and Turkey. Therefore, we will continue to bring competitive technology solutions to the global market.

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Vietnam Ho Chi Minh International Rubber and Plastics Industry Exhibition
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Istanbul Plastics Industry Exhibition, Türkiye

Injection molding machine brands for the future

In the future, we will continue to gradually help manufacturing companies realize smart factories to save workforce, increase efficiency, and reduce costs to achieve stable quality, minimum cost, and flexible delivery. This allows automation companies worldwide to achieve system breakthroughs, system planning, and single-point breakthroughs. Help 1 million manufacturing companies achieve intelligent manufacturing.

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