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What are the components and characteristics of a giant injection molding machine?

2024/01/17 By 兰兹

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Among Topstar’s injection molding machine series, the giant injection molding machine is one of the leading injection molding equipment for mass production. Among them, the TH series injection molding machine is a giant injection molding machine. This guide will tell operators the differences between their components and their characteristics.

Giant injection molding machine clamping units

The core component of the giant injection molding machine is the mold clamping part, and the clamping force can reach 550T-2800T. It adopts a central four-cylinder mold clamping, and the clamping force is evenly distributed in the center of the template, resulting in high product molding accuracy and greatly extending the life of the machine and mold. In addition, we adopt a powerful hydraulic system that utilizes pistons and cylinders to exert great force to clamp and loosen the mold. This capability is critical to meeting the enormous pressure and temperature requirements of producing large, complex plastic parts. These parts are firmly connected by high-strength elements such as gears and guide pins, ensuring precise alignment and stability of the mold during the injection molding process.

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Giant injection molding machine injection units

The injection unit of the giant injection molding machine is different from other machines in that it uses high-performance chrome-plated screws to meet the needs of highly mixed-color products and specially customized plasticizing components for different product machines, such as PC, PA, etc. A durable and efficient screw plasticizes the molten material and injects it into the mold. Ensures a consistent and controlled flow of molten plastic, promoting uniformity in the final product. In addition, we use a two-way synchronous injection cylinder structure to prevent damage to the screw and linear rail due to unbalanced load. An advanced control system, which precisely adjusts injection speed, pressure, and temperature according to the specific requirements of each molding cycle, controls the process. This precision helps produce high-quality, defect-free plastic products.

Advanced control system

The control system of the giant injection molding machine adopts an advanced oil circuit design. It is matched with European professional controllers, enhancing machine movement stability, increasing the yield rate, and accelerating the response speed. The control system is also one of our company’s three core technologies. Our independently developed programming language supports multiple industrial bus communication protocols such as EtherCAT, RTEX, MECHATROLINK, and CAN. The controller platform can realize integrated control with the Topstar injection molding machine controller, integrate a rich injection molding industry process package, and effectively improve the collaborative efficiency of giant injection molding machines and robots. In addition, many giant injection molding machines can achieve real-time monitoring, data collection, and analysis, meeting the conditions of Industry 4.0.

Hydraulic system of giant injection molding machine

The hydraulic system of giant injection molding machines uses an accumulator system to store hydraulic energy. This enables fast and powerful movements, such as rapid mold closing and high-speed injection, helping to shorten cycle times and increase production efficiency. Constructed with heavy-duty cylinders, reinforced hoses, and patented seals to ensure reliability and longevity even in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. Some giant injection molded bodies have regenerative hydraulic systems to improve energy efficiency. These systems recover and reuse energy during deceleration, reducing overall energy consumption.

Multi-component molding features

The advanced and precise control system for multi-component molding in the giant injection molding machine is in place. They facilitate precise synchronization of injection units, ensuring precise timing and dosing of each material. This level of control is critical to achieving the desired material distribution and avoiding issues such as color bleeding or material incompatibility. These machines often employ specialized mixing and blending technologies to meet the challenges of multi-material molding. These mechanisms ensure the homogeneity of the final product even when using materials with different properties or colors. Giant injection molding machines used for multi-part molding often incorporate robots to grab product parts, enhancing automation, improving production efficiency, and ensuring consistent product quality through precise placement and combination of different molded parts.

At last

Compared with other injection molding machines, the giant injection molding machine’s mold clamping, injection table, hydraulic pressure, etc., have been fully optimized, and the comprehensive capabilities have been greatly improved. They have unique advantages for producing products with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy, especially those with thin walls, deep cavities, and multi-cavity requirements.

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