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Transforming manufacturing with injection molding automation solutions

2024/01/15 By 兰兹

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In the past, the traditional injection molding manufacturing industry relied on manual labor and injection molding machines to perform injection molding work, which was unreliable for the entire injection molding cycle time and personnel safety. In today’s manufacturing industry, with the advent of Industry 4.0, traditional injection molding methods are gradually being eliminated, and their replacement is injection molding automation. The following will introduce you to Topstar’s injection molding automation solution, which allows traditional injection molding manufacturing to operate.

Understand the essence of injection molding automation

Injection molding automation is an automated workflow that combines injection molding machines, robots, and auxiliary equipment. In the past, we used manual labor to grab and transport materials. This method is not only time-consuming but also inefficient. Injection molding automation is adding a manipulator above the injection molding machine to automatically grab materials and add auxiliary equipment at the rear for material transportation and drying. Through our standard KEBA computer and our self-developed control program, we can control the parameter setting of the entire machine on an interface to achieve flexible human-computer interaction.

Injection molding machines in injection molding automation

Topstar’s injection molding machines are divided into TM ll series hinged injection molding machines, TE ll series electric injection molding machines, TH series direct pressure injection molding machines, and TS series injection molding machines. They are suitable for different application scenarios according to their advantages. They are all equipped with KEBA computers and use our independently developed control program to make production control more precise. The entire series of injection molding machines can integrated with auxiliary systems highly, making operation more convenient and efficient.

The TM II series can accurately grasp the mold opening position with the robot, having an automatic compensation function. TS series uses advanced oil circuit design and control for stable machine action, higher yield, and faster response. The TE ll series has all-electric and hybrid models on the same platform. High-stability template in the clamping unit, high-rigidity structure in the injection unit, and user-friendly TUI interactive page.

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Injection robots in injection molding automation

Topstar’s manipulators include the AD-80s, MD-120s series, EUW-80, and others. The MD series manipulator suits various horizontal injection molding machines ranging from 75 to 1,300 tons, extracting finished products and nozzles that demand high appearance and precision. The EUW-80 series is the company’s newly developed linear manipulator for complete servo injection molding. It can perform remote monitoring, equipment operation, data statistics, analysis, and life management. A cylinder drives the AD series, enabling it to meet various simple embedding actions, reduce the cost of servo motors, and remain affordable. Through the robot’s high precision, high speed, and high performance, we can replace manual work, making our production more efficient and personnel safer.

Auxiliary equipment

Auxiliary products can support all aspects of the production of injection molding machines. The TDB series (3 in 1 Compact) dehumidifying dryer is the most common. It integrates three dehumidification functions, drying and feeding into one machine, with an optional three-stage feeding function. The 3-in-1 design is space-efficient and ideal for automated and compact spaces. At the same time, they have a honeycomb runner, which ensures good stability while obtaining low dew point dry air. The machine adopts microcomputer control, which has lower energy consumption and a drying air volume of 50-300m³/hr. We have also designed optical-grade three-in-one dehumidifiers for optical-grade products to meet the needs of different customers.

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What can automation bring?

The injection molding automated production method combines Topstar’s latest technology to simplify our work and production processes and reshape how we manufacture plastic parts. Automation minimizes manual intervention, resulting in increased revenue from shorter cycle times. Ensure accuracy and repeatability throughout the entire injection molding automation process. We can carefully manage variables such as temperature, pressure, and cycle time with our in-house developed control system to produce consistently high-quality parts. Injection molding automation is also a representative of Industry 4.0. Intelligent sensors, connectivity, and data analytics enable real-time monitoring and data-driven decision-making, enabling a more agile and responsive manufacturing ecosystem. Many regions have implemented fully automated, unmanned production.

Automate your workshop

We have always been committed to enabling the global manufacturing industry to realize automated and intelligent manufacturing. Through our injection molding automation, your production workshop can reduce cycle time, gain more profits, and produce products with consistent quality, higher precision, and more stability.

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