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Kick-off 2024 | Green manufacturer helps robot understand you better

2024/01/13 By topstar


Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2023 annual green manufacturing list. Topstar was successfully selected as one of the 205 green supply chain management enterprises in China.

The green manufacturing list is a national selection activity organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Among them, the selection of “Green Supply Chain Management Enterprises” will conduct on-site investigations and comprehensive evaluations of the enterprises’ green supply chain management strategies, green production, green recycling and other key aspects. The purpose is to give full play to the main role of core enterprises and drive upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain to improve the efficiency of resource and energy utilization, so as to realize green development.

Under the guidance of the national green manufacturing, high-quality manufacturing policy, the use of intelligent upgrading to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises has become a trend in the manufacturing industry. Combined with the practice, Topstar Robotics Division brings us the summary of 2023 and the outlook for 2024. In the “green supply chain” under the auspices of what they have to help customers initiatives?

In this issue, we invited Mr. Zhang Peng, General Manager of Topstar Robotics Division, to talk about this new wave of the robotics industry and the direction of development in 2024.

Manufacturing Robots for Customer Needs

In the 3C industry, the division not only maintains good business cooperation with customers such as BIEL, LUXSHARE-ICT and JABIL, but also establishes new cooperative relationships with customers such as Huaqin Technology.

The 3C industry requires more and more production efficiency and precision. The advantages and disadvantages of speed and precision directly determine the efficiency and yield rate of enterprises. This is also the core element of enterprise cost reduction and efficiency.

“Around the customer’s demand for robot speed and precision, we constantly research and demonstrate. Finally found that industrial robots with high precision, high flexibility and high stability are more in line with customer requirements.” Mr. Zhang Peng said.
In order to solve the customer’s demand for “precision, load and speed”, the division relies on the three underlying technologies of “control, servo and vision”, and launched the new upgraded version of SCARA robots — TRH2 & TRH2 series; desktop style 6-axis industrial robots – TRV007, TRV010, TRV012 & TRV015 series.

In terms of performance, TRH2 & TRH5 series can meet the demand of 3C customers to maintain high loads on their products. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the time of troubleshooting and maintenance.

Mr. Zhang Peng mentioned, “By using our solutions, customers can achieve long-term stable and efficient production and reduce their reliance on human resources. These solutions help customers to take advantage of the fierce competition and create great value. This value creation also provides us with better motivation for R&D.”

Solving the last step of the application

From manual operation to integrated single station, modular automatic production line, all kinds of scenarios through the realization of “robot +”, greatly accelerating the technology iteration of industrial robots.

Topstar’s robots in the optimization of production lines, not only can automatically perform repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, so that the production line runs more smoothly, but also greatly reduce the errors caused by human error.
In addition, when customers encounter non-standard equipment, lack of versatility, low equipment reuse rate, poor stability and cost control difficulties, Topstar can provide comprehensive solutions to help customers achieve smoother, more efficient, reliable and economical production line operations.

Mr. Zhang Peng said, “In the 3C industry, especially in traditional cell phone factories, customers often need more than just a robot, but our ‘Robot+’. We have also done many pilots this year, in which flexible workstations provide great value to customers. It helps them save labor and without having to make non-standard automation.”

Starting a new chapter of intelligent equipment / 2024

“At present, we have bridged the upstream core components, midstream robot body and downstream system integration. We can provide customers with total solutions. Our industrial robots are widely used in 3C, packaging, new energy, auto parts manufacturing, 5G, optoelectronics, household appliances and other fields. In the new year, we will base on our core technology and keep digging deeper into the industry demand. The key is to make progress steadily, help enterprises improve quality, efficiency and sound operation.” Mr. Zhang Peng said.

Become a manufacturer of easy-to-use products

“Topstar is an intelligent hardware platform. Now we have independently developed and mastered the core underlying technology of controller, servo drive, vision system, and gradually realized the import substitution of core components to provide the industry with ‘easy to use and good to use’ robots,” said Mr. Zhang Peng.

Looking forward to 2024, the Division will be committed to technology development and innovation. Topstar will be guided by market demand and customer needs, and strive to develop more innovative products to maintain the industry’s competitiveness. Mr. Zhang Peng said, “Our goal is to continue to improve our product line and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing. Provide competitive robots and ‘Robot+’ products for manufacturing enterprises”.

Become an industry process understanding service provider

Relying on the advantages of Topstar in the field of injection molding, the Robotics Division focuses on the depth of market application expansion. It fully explores the market potential of niche areas, such as toys, eyeglasses, etc., and strives to give full play to the advantages in the field of injection molding, to serve more industrial customers.

Mr. Zhang Peng said, “In addition to the injection molding industry, we will also dig deeper into the specific needs of the electronics industry and listen to customers’ needs and expectations for robots. We will continue to iterate our robots and application solutions to create greater value for our customers in terms of improving efficiency and reducing costs.”

Become a collaborative and efficient manufacturer

Mr. Zhang Peng has new thoughts on how to make “Robot+” go further. He said, “This year we set up a ‘Robot+’ application team to create flexible workstations in niche areas. Moreover, our team will explore the intelligence of various application scenarios together with our customers to help them improve production efficiency and promote the process of manufacturing intelligence.”

In the injection molding industry, industrial robots are commonly used for sorting and inspection in the back end of injection molding. The business unit will create a full-process production line for customers from central feeding to injection molding, take-out conveyance, and automation of the back section.

As for the CNC machine segment, the robot can realize the full automation of metal workpiece conveying, changing, processing, and discharging through multiple single workstations, forming a modular automatic production line.

The division will continue to explore intelligent application scenarios, focusing on the standardization and modularization of industrial robot solutions and the flexible restructuring of robot bodies. In addition, the division combines workstations with AI to make robots easier and better to use, simpler to debug, and handle more complex work scenarios.

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