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Which injection robot is suitable for horizontal injection molding machines?

2024/01/20 By 兰兹

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Horizontal injection molding machines are the most common in many plastic manufacturing industries. They are suitable for producing various embedded parts. In automated, integrated production lines, companies usually pair them with injection robots to work together, improving production efficiency and grabbing the accuracy of the entire line. In this guide, we will introduce you to the injection robot that is most suitable for horizontal injection molding machines.

MD series axis AC servo injection robot

MD series injection robots are suitable for various horizontal injection molding machines between 75 and 1,300 tons. They are used to take out finished products and nozzles that require high appearance and precision. Their arm styles include single-section type and double-section type. The single-section type has an up-and-down stroke of 600/800/900mm, and the double-section type has an up-and-down stroke of 900/1100/1500/1700mm. Three axis(traverse/crosswise/main arm)/ Five axis(traverse/crosswise/vertical main arm/upright sub-arm) A high-performance AC synchronous motor drive has ultra-high-speed removal time, high-rigidity slide rail transmission, and an open synchronous positioning control system to achieve high-precision removal.

High precision of MD series injection molding robots

The main arm of the MD series injection molding robot is made of Q235 material, which has a stable structure and high repeatability positioning accuracy and can meet various non-standard embedding actions. Precise, repeatable positioning is achieved within micron-level tolerances. By developing self-developed control system algorithms and “five-in-one servo driver”, it can control 5 servo motors simultaneously, making the control more precise.

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High speed of MD series injection robot

MD series injection molding robot is equipped with an imported Domawa motor (rotation speed can reach 6000r/min), which increases the maximum speed by 10% and reduces the acceleration and deceleration time by 20%. This drive only uses 3 CPU chips. Through our “five-axis servo drive,” each CPU chip controls two axes. The maximum power of each axis is 750W, providing mighty power for the manipulator. This minimizes cycle time for parts extraction, placement, and other automated functions. In addition, their construction uses lightweight and durable materials, increasing their agility and speed. Reducing the robot’s overall mass allows it to move faster without compromising stability or accuracy.

High performance

The injection robot has dual built-in systems to provide customers with options. It also adds softening capabilities to each axis to prevent changes in mold opening distance from causing unusable products or arm damage. The standard RS485 communication interface can support the MODBUS RTU communication protocol. In addition, the standard 2 vacuum circuit and 2 air circuit function can reserve 11 inputs and 11 outputs. At the same time, through the multi-axis standard bus design scheme, energy efficiency has been improved by 20%. The added automatic servo OFF function can stop the standby servo motor from being energized, reducing power costs by 10%.

Connected device management

Through the open architecture of the underlying control system, Topstar enables injection molding peripheral auxiliary machines and horizontal injection molding machines to have a native language for system integration, making equipment interconnection an extension of the system, not just a communication connection. The injection robot can support the host call signal to achieve integrated operation, and the control system can automatically optimize the removal process and improve the injection molding efficiency of the production line. Therefore, we solved the problems of ejection failure and equipment alarm shutdown due to ejection position deviation and uncoordinated suction time.

The injection robot has achieved synchronous linkage with the mold opening process. Reduce abnormal alarms and equipment maintenance, improve production efficiency, and make the injection molding intelligent unit more efficient. About a 5% increase in efficiency occurs.

Customization options for injection robots

Because we consider the needs of different customers, customers can also customize the MD series injection robots and choose a payload capacity that matches the weight requirements of their molded parts. Whether handling smaller or lighter parts, customized payload capabilities ensure optimal performance and efficiency of the production line. Companies can customize communication protocols and interfaces to integrate seamlessly with horizontal molding machines and control systems. This provides synchronized operations, optimizes cycle times, and increases overall productivity.

Choose the right injection robot

The MD series is the most suitable injection robot for horizontal injection molding machines. Through their high precision, high performance, high speed, and interconnected equipment management features, the injection molded products are of higher quality, and the molding efficiency is faster.

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