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Topstar’s toggle clamp injection molding machine

2024/01/22 By 兰兹

Among Topstar’s injection molding machine series, the toggle clamp injection molding machine type is a universal one. Their high degree of integration, precision, and efficiency are suitable for injection molding small and medium-sized plastic products in electronics, optoelectronics, and 3C home appliances. In the article, we will introduce the products of the toggle clamp injection molding machine in more detail and a series of features and innovative technologies.

Product accessories for toggle clamp injection molding machine

They come standard with KEBAcontroller, PHASE motor, Delta driver, and our self-developed control program. As standard, the injection part equips an electroplating screw, and the temperature control of the discharge port enhances the survival efficiency, making it suitable for a broader range of rubber materials. We use oblique double-injection cylinders and linear guides to stabilize the glue injection. The Pre-plasticizing adopts proportional back pressure control, which realizes multi-stage rear pressure settings, making the operation more accessible and precise.

Control system of toggle clamp injection molding machine

Their control systems usually use electro-hydraulic servo control, in which the servo power is increased by 20% to make it faster and more efficient. The injection speed is increased by 20%, and the injection speed is increased by 20% for better performance when molding complex structures and specific materials. In addition, the melting speed is increased by 10%, shortening the injection molding cycle. Ensure the uniformity of molded products and increase overall efficiency by 15%. The control system adjusts clamping force dynamically, monitoring mold size, material properties, and process conditions in each cycle. This adaptability ensures optimal clamping force for different molds and materials, helping to improve product quality and reduce production defects.

Toggle Clamp Injection Molding Machine 57

The clamping unit of the toggle clamp injection molding machine

A “toggle clamp” means a hinged or articulated connection allowing flexible movement. This feature enables the mold to open and close smoothly to accommodate a variety of mold shapes and sizes. The hinge ensures correct alignment of the mold halves during closing, minimizing the risk of defects in the molded part. The mold clamping part of the toggle clamp injection molding machine adopts a new inclined machine layout, which can achieve ultra-long stroke mold opening, and the mold opening position accuracy is <±1mm, making the template movement fast and stable. In addition, the new mold adjustment mechanism can realize automatic and precise mold adjustment with one click. They increase the ejection pin thrust by 20%, which is more conducive to the demoulding of connectors and plug-in products.

Toggle Clamp Injection Molding Machine 59


The versatility of toggle clamp injection molding machines enables the processing various materials, including thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and even certain types of metal powders. This adaptability makes these machines suitable for multiple industries, from automotive and electronics to consumer products and medical devices. Operators use KEBA controllers for pressure and temperature control, achieving optimal molding conditions for consistent, high-quality output.

Integration with auxiliary systems

Integrating toggle clamp injection molding machines with auxiliary systems is also one of its key capabilities. Achieve efficient and streamlined production processes through seamless coordination and synchronization with auxiliary equipment, reduce manual intervention and downtime, and improve the accuracy of the molding process. Plus, real-time data exchange between them. This connection enables continuous monitoring of temperature, pressure, and material flow parameters. Any deviation from optimal conditions triggers immediate adjustments, preventing defects and ensuring the production of high-quality molded products.

Toggle Clamp Injection Molding Machine 58


Their efficiency, precision, and intelligence have become the best helpers for injection molding in various industries. For most injection molding manufacturing industries, a toggle clamp injection molding machine can meet almost all your injection molding requirements!

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