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What are the most popular injection molding machine on the market?

2024/01/24 By 兰兹

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In this injection molding machine market, traditional injection molding machines all use electric-hydraulic servo control. In today’s market, users prefer injection molding machines that are highly clean and light in movement. Therefore, Topstar has developed a new high-quality electric injection molding machine. This series can be divided into two types: all-electric and hybrid. Below, we will explain why it is the most popular injection molding machine on the market.

The most Popular Injection Molding Machine Types

There is no doubt that electric injection molding machines are the most popular in the market today. We divide them into two types: an all-electric injection molding machine specially designed for high-clean application scenarios and a hybrid electric injection molding machine designed for all scenarios of hydraulic press manufacturing upgrades. Type injection molding machine. Their clamping force covers 60T-460T, B-screw covers 22~80mm, and injection speeds are available in low, medium, and high, with the highest optional 500mm/s.

The popularity of electric injection molding machines is due to their energy efficiency. Unlike hydraulic presses, the electric motor only consumes electricity during forming, resulting in significant energy savings. For any manufacturing plant, this efficiency can significantly reduce operating costs. And they don’t require using hydraulic oil to maintain a cleaner environment.

Clamping unit

The clamping unit of the electric injection molding machine has a popular modulus design to meet the mold installation needs. The comprehensive supporting feet make the dynamic support more stable, open and close the mold smoothly, and better protect the mold and machine. Using non-contact pull rods eliminates the need for lubrication and reduces strain on the Corinthian columns. The highly rigid template has sufficient stress analysis and more appropriate design strength, which can better protect the mold while ensuring the stability of the product. Their maintenance is generally more straightforward compared to hydraulic clamping units. Maintenance needs are minimized since there are fewer hydraulic components, and no hydraulic oil is required. This simplicity reduces maintenance downtime and creates a cleaner, greener manufacturing environment.

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Injection unit

The injection unit of the electric injection molding machine uses an integrated injection seat, which has high rigidity, stable structure, and more precise control. A low-damping linear guide rail makes pressure detection more sensitive and pressure control more accurate. The support of the linear guide rail allows the minimum speed to be controlled at <1mm/s. These two core structures enable the motor to accurately manage the speed, pressure, and position of the screw when driving the injection process. This level of precision ensures consistent shot sizes and high-quality molded products, significantly reducing waste and improving overall efficiency.

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Integrated injection unit
Linear guide rail

User interface for the most popular injection molding machines

To meet the industry’s and users’ needs, Topstar has interactive pages focusing on humanization. The interface is typically a touch screen, allowing the operator to interact with the machine through an intuitive touch screen. This touch-centric approach simplifies navigation, setup, and monitoring tasks, shortens the operator learning curve, and promotes a more streamlined production process. The user-friendly interface provides real-time information and feedback, allowing operators to monitor critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and cycle time at a glance. The system displays alerts and notifications in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, enabling a quick response to any deviations or issues during the injection molding process.

Innovative control methods

Topstar’s electric injection molding machine adopts our independently developed control method. This control principle solves the problem of product stability caused by communication delays in the control system. One core principle is sending the molding process data to the servo driver through the central controller of the upper controller, and the servo driver generates the operating curve by itself. This mode reduces the impact of communication delay on the high-speed operation of the servo motor, realizes real-time control of the servo motor, improves the accuracy of position, speed, and pressure control, and increases the response speed by 8-16 times.

By embedding the self-developed system, the servo driver can send synchronization signals containing the working status of the servo motor to the upper controller, which solves the problem of traditional hydraulic press operators being unable to understand the active status of the injection molding machine intuitively and improves human-computer interaction. This also makes them the most popular injection molding machines on the market.

Application scenarios continue to improve!

In terms of application, electric injection molding machines have a wealth of cases. For example, in the medical industry, the use of electric injection molding machines saves at least 50% of electricity costs and increases the production efficiency of the production line by about 10%. We will continue to provide customers with precision-controlled, stable, safe, and reliable injection molding machines.

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