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Vertical Mixture: 7 Rules to Follow for Beginners 

2022/05/23 By 兰兹

Vertical Mixture
Vertical Mixture

What is a vertical mixture truck?

A fresh vertical mixer truck is a product line that supports large construction projects. Both vertical mixture trucks and vertical mixtures are commonly used equipment today.

Vertical mixtures are used for a long time and with construction works of a small scale. Mixers often appear in large construction projects. Mixing tanks are supplied to the market by Truong Phat with high quality, bringing the best efficiency to users.

Currently, the demand for using concrete to carry out the construction of large and small projects is increasing day by day. If, in the old days, we used lime mortar, we used the manual mixing method to build houses.

Now, concrete has replaced that lime mortar. Because concrete is a material made of sand, gravel, cement, and water with high durability, at the same time, we don’t use manual mixing anymore but instead use a vertical mixer. That is a steep mixture, mixing tank, and vertical mixture truck.

Jobs to build high-rise buildings, commercial centers, or stadiums

We often need to use concrete with a large volume quickly. You can use vertical mixtures, but productivity and efficiency are not high. But this is not an issue you need to worry about. For a long time, Frequent use of vertically mixed truck products.

Vertical mixture truck is also the topic we want to introduce in this article. We invite you to learn about this machine in today’s report by Truong Phat.

The need for vertical mixers in large construction projects

When the vertical mixture truck was born, it contributed to solving many urgent problems in construction projects. Our use of equipment to mix into concrete and mortar for construction meets the maximum needs of people. Large vertical mixture trucks always produce a large volume of fresh concrete quickly. At the same time, we can move the mixer trucks from one construction site to another quickly.

Currently, there are many different types of vertical mixture trucks. For each different mixing level, there will be 2-block, 3-block, and 4-block mixer trucks, etc. At the same time, different types of trucks will also have corresponding vertical mixer trucks. Customers can choose a mixer truck that suits their purposes and budget.

What is a Concrete Mixing Tank Concrete Mixing Tank Truck?

A concrete mixing tank is a line of equipment to mix concrete in large volumes. They often participate in cities with large quantities of significant construction sites. In addition, the Vertical mixing tank transports concrete to different construction sites. This will minimize the number of concrete batching plants located in multiple locations.

For construction works at close distance, the moving process and the rotation speed of the concrete mixer are not too large. The rotation speed of the mixing tank to prevent the concrete from hardening is only medium. As for the long distance to move the concrete, the mixing tank rotates faster. They ensure good mixability and mobility.

Vertical mixture trucks transport fresh concrete

Vertical mixture truck is another name for vertical mixture truck products. With a large volume of concrete in the mixing tank, it is brought to projects that require a lot of concrete, minimizing manual labor and the time it takes to mix individual batches outside. At the same time, vertical mixer helps to reduce environmental pollution and save fuel.

While moving on the road, the mixing tank is constantly rotating. Ensure that the fresh concrete contained in the tank does not harden. Always ensure the concrete is in the mixing tank when it arrives at work to keep its quality. The moving speed of the vertical mixture truck is relatively large for a car.

Rules of use and how to choose a vertical mixture

Vertical Mixture 2022

Structure of fresh vertical mixture truck:

A vertical mixture truck comprises two main parts, a mixing tank and a truck. Trucks are no stranger to us. Standing mixer often has a large load of several tons. As for the mixing tank mounted on the truck, it includes the following parts:

  1. Wash Faucet
  2. Cooling system
  3. Pump system
  4. Diesel igniter engine
  5. Rotating drain and fixed drain
  6. Hydraulic system

The vertical mixture tank is shaped like the drum of a freestanding vertical mixture truck. Inside, there are 3D spiral mixing wings responsible for integrating the concrete mixture in the tank to avoid stratification.

The capacity of the mixing tank will be 1.5 to 2 times higher than the volume of concrete produced. The sides of the mixing tank will be fitted with doors for easy cleaning.

Outstanding advantages of the vertical mixer truck product line

Speaking of vertical mixture trucks, we will think of large trucks. On top of the car, there are different large and small mixing tanks. They have various outstanding advantages such as working speed, fuel economy, and reasonable price, specifically as follows:

  • The high working speed of the pump and exceptional efficiency: All parts in the vertical mixture tank of the mixer truck are applied to the hydraulic system and motor. These parts are thoroughly tested to ensure high quality. Therefore, the concrete mixing capacity of this product is always maximized.
  • Save fuel when we mix concrete: This product can incorporate a large volume of fresh concrete without consuming a lot of materials. We must combine many batches if we use vertical mixtures for large projects. But when using a standing mixer, there is no need to integrate many times but only once. At the same time, the product helps to protect the environment and the life of the mixer truck.
  • The parts in the vertical mixture truck are modern, but the price is very reasonable and affordable. The structure of transporting the mixer truck is straightforward. Seat system, cockpit, excellent air conditioning. Create the most favorable conditions for vehicle drivers.

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