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Why Industrial Water Chillers Needs Regular Maintenance?

2022/05/23 By 兰兹

Water Chillers
Water Chillers

Chillers include wind and water chillers, equipment widely used in life and production. How do you choose a suitable machine? The information below will help customers choose the suitable model to meet their needs.

What is an industrial chiller?

Vietnam belongs to a hot and humid climate with a large amount of sunshine and high temperatures. This is a disadvantage for concrete, plastic manufacturing, or frozen seafood industries.

Therefore, introducing the industrial water chiller helps to ensure the plant’s performance, optimize production time, and confirm product quality. Operating similarly to an air conditioner in a family, the water chillers have the effect of converting high-temperature water to cold temperatures, meeting production standards.

Usually, concrete mixing plants, finished plastic processing plants, hotels, and commercial centers need this central cooling system.

What are the Uses of a water chiller?

Currently, this device is widely applied in industry and life. In which, especially electronics, garment, or plastic processing factories. The Chiller refrigeration system is vital in determining the quality and ensuring the ideal working environment.

In the plastic processing industry

In production, plastic components are not of good quality, which will cause them to melt when used for a while. To limit this situation, industrial water chillers have been applied to cool the injection mold very well.

The plastic mold is cooled to the correct temperature, which will help the liquid plastic solution enter the mold better. The mold has the required temperature to ensure a shiny surface and better quality.

In the field of concrete mixing

When mixing concrete, the required temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius. In hot summer, the water source has a temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius. This does not guarantee a high-quality, factory-standard mixture.

If the concrete is at a low temperature, it will have good quality and prolong the time to move to the place of use. When processing fresh concrete, businesses always choose the corresponding chiller models to ensure productivity and working quality.

Experience in choosing water chillers

Customers should refer to the requirements below to choose a suitable chiller model.

This machine has different models and capacities, so when choosing to meet customers’ needs, avoid waste and affect production efficiency. In addition, the market has a line of Chiller water coolers and air-cooled machines with different characteristics by customer requirements.

A reputable supplier serves all the needs of users.

This is the best way to choose good products suitable for the machine’s production characteristics and operating procedures. Because the distribution unit will periodically check, maintain, and provide reputable support services to serve all users’ needs.

We are a reputable unit offering reputable and quality Industrial Chillers. In addition to refrigeration equipment, our team has many other industrial products and equipment to meet customers’ needs in different industries.

In industrial production, the capacity becomes an important issue that needs more attention. A device with a total of 100HP will meet the operation of different industries. But attention should be paid to the nature or scale of the activity. Air-cooled chillers will have a smaller capacity, suitable for family or small-scale production.

What are the advantages of a water chiller?

Water Chillers

Water chiller has a variety of applications in life and production. Each distributor has different models of water chillers that will have different prices. Usually, it will range from 20 to 30 million VND. Importantly, you should know how to choose a distributor with the appropriate machine model to ensure savings and improve production efficiency.

Notes when operating the Chiller

If you want to operate this device effectively, you need to note a few things below:

  • Technicians should be alert and knowledgeable enough to listen to the machine and detect problems for timely handling.
  • Pay attention to checking the suction line of the device to see if they are frozen. At the same time, we should carefully monitor the parameters of the water chillers.
  • Pay attention to electricity, water, and some other related factors. Large production batches limit the risk that can happen.
  • Regularly record the machine operation log and clean the equipment so the machine can work properly.

Industrial water chiller needs regular and proper maintenance

Industrial water chiller systems want to work well and must perform routine and appropriate care. However, before going into the detailed maintenance process of water chiller parts, you need to refer to some of the following general maintenance operations:

  • Adjust the pressure and check the compressor discharge and suction.
  • Align and check compressor operation for vibration, inlet, and outlet water temperature.
  • Check gas pipes and refill gas and oil for central air conditioners.
  • Check the operating status of the compressor protection devices.
  • Clean, calibrate, and test the operation mode of central air conditioners.
  • Regular maintenance of the Chiller helps the system to operate more stably

Detailed chiller maintenance procedures

For the industrial water cooling system to operate stably, the sequential and correct combination of many devices in the water chillers is the most critical factor. Therefore, with maintaining and maintaining the Chiller system, it is also necessary to follow each part of this system.

​​Compressor maintenance

  • It must be checked once if the machine works more than 6000 hours.
  • Check the tightness and current condition of the exhaust and suction valves of the compressor.
  • Check the inside of the compressor and oil condition; see if the machine parts have any damage.
  • Recheck the wear level of the refrigerating units against the original standard size. Each part of the water chiller has different maximum wear requirements. When the measured wear exceeds the allowable level, it must be replaced.
  • Regularly check, clean, and clean the suction filter of the compressor.

Maintenance of condenser

The condenser directly affects the performance of the entire chiller system. Therefore, when in use, the condenser should be cleaned every three months. Some specific tasks when maintaining condensers are:

  • Clean the heat exchanger surface of the device.
  • Drain the remaining oil that has accumulated inside the machine.
  • Exhaust air does not stop at the device.
  • Paint and repair the exterior of the device.
  • Check safety devices and controls directly related to condenser performance.

Maintenance of water chillers evaporator

Air evaporator maintenance, herringbone indoor unit maintenance, and evaporator maintenance are some of the essential maintenance operations for standard evaporators of water chiller systems.

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