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What are Air Chillers? Pros and Cons 2022 

2022/05/23 By LZ

Air Chillers
Air Chillers

Many people are planning to buy a chiller to cool down in the hot summer atmosphere. TOPSTARMACHINE shares detailed information to help you understand and choose the right air chillers: concept, function, main features, benefits, operating principle, advantages of machine…

Concept of air chiller!

An air chiller is a device capable of reducing the air temperature suitable for the human body. This is a device that helps to cool the air with natural steam. The temperature of the water cools down for the air to pass through the Cooling Pad to bring a fresh breeze. This cooling solution will bring a fresh, fresh atmosphere to your home space.

How does the principle work?

The machine works according to the principle: Based on the natural phenomenon of water evaporation to cool the air. Initially, the natural water temperature is 28 degrees Celsius, but after moving through the cooling pad, it drops to 25 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, the hot outside air is sucked in and moves to cool down from 26 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. The air temperature is good for health, does not cause heat shock when going outside.

Working principle of air chillers

Cooling function, lowering the temperature for the air

Air chiller is one of the products with the function of cooling the air in the living space. The machine works thanks to the natural phenomenon of water evaporation, providing the desired cooling effect. The machine is both healthy and environmentally friendly.

Those who do business in electronics say that the introduction of the air chiller is a bright spot. It makes a strong impression in the refrigeration industry. The machine does not use harmful refrigerants. It does not affect the environment such as CFCs, refrigerant gas.

What brands of air chillers in the market for effective cooling?

Using the machine helps to save quite a lot of energy. Therefore, consumers have less worry about electricity bills at the end of the month.

Fast cooling

Cooling Pad is Dai Viet’s focus on quality. It is using natural wood, thick and wide, covered with a color layer to reduce the adhesion of mold, dirt, and bacteria. TOPSTARMACHINE’s cooling pad increases the service life by 2 times compared to conventional machines.

The air is purified

The cooling pad and filter mesh have the role of filtering out odors and dirt to bring fresh air in the housing space.

Balance moisture and appropriate body temperature

The air chillers work stably and reduce the temperature in the air in the range of 25 – 28 degrees Celsius. It balances the humidity at 55 – 65%. This temperature and humidity are very good and suitable for human health. It does not cause dry skin, heat shock.

  • Auto swing left – right – up – down helps to evenly distribute every corner of the room.
  • When it is too hot, users can add ice to make the air chiller.
  • Ensure absolute safety for users by the ability to automatically turn off the power when detecting a power leak.

Working mechanism of air chillers

Air Chillers

When turning on the machine, the water pump system will work first, bringing water to wet the entire cooling pad from top to bottom.

Next, the fan motor will draw hot air from the outside and pass it through the wet cooling pad to create cold air and blow it out to cool the surrounding 15m2 area.

The air chiller is capable of reducing the room temperature by 5-10 degrees. The outdoor temperature is 34 degrees Celsius. When using an air chiller, the remaining heat level is only 26 – 29 degrees Celsius, which is quite cool. During peak hot days, you can add dry ice to the water tank to increase the cooling efficiency of the air chillers.

Compare the pros and cons of air chiller


  • Cheaper price than air chiller
  • Diverse in capacity, suitable for many different use areas
  • Power consumption is only 1/8 of an air chiller
  • Keep room humidity at standard level
  • Disinfect, clean the air
  • Can be moved to any location
  • Easy to disassemble, clean, and maintain without the need for a professional


  • Only reduce the room temperature by 5-7 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature.
  • The higher the air humidity, the lower the cooling efficiency
  • The temperature cannot be adjusted like air chillers. Only fan speed can be adjusted
  • Louder than normal fan
  • Occupy a large usable area


  • You can customize and maintain the desired temperature.
  • Antibacterial, clean the air
  • The air chiller is wall mounted, so it does not take up space
  • Has remote control function
  • Quiet operation, does not affect sleep


  • Large power consumption
  • Not suitable for use in open spaces
  • The humidity in the room is reduced, making the air dry.
  • Causes some respiratory discomfort
  • Must have skilled workers to maintain, clean and change gas periodically
  • High price.

Pros and cons of Mist fan and Universal fan


  • Cheaper than air chillers
  • Save electricity
  • Does not produce greenhouse gases that affect the ozone layer
  • Cools and replenishes the air’s acoustics relatively quickly
  • Has remote control function
  • Some product lines have built-in mosquito repellent or ion generator functions


  • Affects the quality of indoor electronics due to the continuous misting of the fan
  • Lowering the room temperature is not much. The temperature change is negligible.
  • Takes up a lot of usable area
  • Not good for users with poor respiratory system. Especially the elderly and young children because the tiny mist easily goes deep into the lungs, the risk of respiratory infections.

Universal fan


  • Cheapest price of the above mentioned types
  • Convenient in moving and adjusting the height
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance
  • Built-in many modes such as timer, breeze, night light …
  • Save money on electricity consumption


  • Fan blades are easy to get dirt
  • Not safe for young children because the blade guard is quite sparse
  • Using all night often affects blood circulation, causing fatigue

Criteria for choosing the best air chiller

Determining the right use is the first thing to help you find air chillers that is suitable for the purpose of use and living space. Here are a few tips for you:

The amount of “fresh” air in the room is always poor due to limited circulation. Chillers with air cleaning, antibacterial and deodorizing functions are best choice for you.

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