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Solve the selection difficulty: How to choose a high-quality mold temperature controller?

2022/05/23 By 兰兹

Mold Temperature Controller 2022
Mold Temperature Controller

Nowadays, the field of plastic processing and processing is developing very rapidly. Many plastic companies have applied scientific and technological equipment to the production process to improve productivity and labor efficiency. One of the most used machines is the mold temperature controller.

Moreover, what is this equipment, and how does it help in the plastic manufacturing and processing industry? Please follow along with this article below!

What is a mold temperature controller?

In plastic processing and production, mold temperature is one of the main factors directly affecting the finished product’s quality and durability. In addition, this type of machine is a device used to heat and keep the temperature of the mold at a stable level, ensuring the correct technical requirements in production.

Types of mold temperature control machines

Currently, there are two popular types of mold temperature controllers on the market: water-operated machines and oil-operated machines.

  • Water Heater: Using the principle of heat exchange of water to keep the mold at a constant temperature during molding.
  • Oil-based mold temperature control machine: Operates on a heat exchanger using oil, which helps to control and automatically control the temperature of the plastic injection mold.

Application of mold temperature control machine

The machine is commonly used to control the temperature in the production process. The range of applications of the device is relatively high; it can be used in plastic production, food/beverage packaging, carbonated water bottles, cosmetic bottles, agricultural medicine bottles, etc.

In addition, the machine is suitable for controlling the temperature of plastic machinery, operating heating, forming heat, and precise injection mold temperature.

Advantages of mold temperature controller

This type of machine is prevalent in the field of plastic production and processing thanks to the following outstanding advantages and benefits:

  • · Helps to control the temperature stably, increases and decreases the temperature quickly, and allows the production system always to keep the most accurate temperature, thereby ensuring more accurate and quality product injection.
  • The plastic mold temperature regulator can adapt to various working environments in the plastic industry.
  • The machine has high accuracy; the error only fluctuates around 1 degree Celsius.
  • Helps to control the temperature in the production system. It enhances the mechanical properties of the finished product. In addition, at the same time, the mold temperature controller minimizes shrinkage caused by cooling.
  • The machine has an automatic system to cut off the heating capacity. So, it saves energy and increases the stability of the production process.
  • The machine can control temperature by microcomputer system, live view, and easy to operate.
  • It uses a separate control box, which prevents steam, oil, and gas from entering. It ensures safety when used and increases the life of the circuit.
  • In addition, the machine owns a system of safety devices to make the operation process smoother and more stable.
  • The design of the machine is optimized. It ensures that the heating temperature can be up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Working principle of mold temperature controller

Mold Temperature Controller 2022

The plastic mold temperature regulator machine can sense the temperature of the mold production system and compare it with the standard temperature (This standard temperature level you can change. It can adjust easily depending on actual needs).

Moreover, the mold temperature is lower or hotter than the set temperature. The machine will signal the cooling system to increase/decrease the appropriate temperature.

Note that the mold thermostat does not generate heat or act as a cooler. It only helps the plastic injection molding system to keep a balanced temperature based on the heat transfer mechanism.

The main parts of the mold temperature controller

The mold temperature regulator machine has the following main features:

  • In-mold cooling/heating channel

The mold cooling/heating pipe is made of seamless, rust-proof stainless steel. In addition, its design with the right size helps the coolant/heat to transmit in the mold at a stable speed.

  • Heat conductor

The temperature conductor can be water or oil, depending on the type of machine you choose to use.

  • Temperature control unit

In addition, this unit uses a temperature sensor system to regulate and maintain the average mold temperature within the desired limits, regardless of production conditions.

  • Security system

Moreover, this mold temperature controller includes devices such as automatic disconnection of the power supply without fuse, automatic reduction of load pressure, abnormal alarm bells, thermal protection, reverse transfer protection, display lights, etc.

How do you choose a quality mold temperature regulator?

As one of the vital equipment, plastic production is made more efficient, high productivity, and energy saving. Therefore, choosing a suitable machine and ensuring quality and durability is extremely necessary.

Here, TOPSTAR would like to share a few criteria you need to pay attention to choose the most suitable mold temperature controller:

Type of mold temperature regulator

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are two common types of mold temperature controllers on the market: oil-operated machines and water-operated machines. Each type has its characteristics.

In addition, a water-based mold temperature control machine can conduct heat faster than an oil-based machine, but water is more volatile. So, you have to rehydrate regularly during use. Depending on the actual needs of your business, you can choose the most suitable machine.

Price of mold temperature control machine

Many factors affect the price of a mold temperature control machine, such as capacity, production material, brand, origin, etc. In addition, buying a device at a cheap price is, of course, very good. But you also need to pay attention. Pay attention to the quality and durability of the device.

Please choose a mold temperature controller with a price suitable for the business’s financial capacity and commensurate use.

No matter how good a machine is. In the process of operation, sometimes unexpected problems can occur. Therefore, learn carefully about the supplier’s warranty and customer care policy before buying the product.

In addition, you should choose a reputable company with a comprehensive warranty of 1-2 years. If something goes wrong, you get free or low-cost repair and replacement of parts/equipment.

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