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What are major applications of Granulators?

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What is a plastic granulator?

Plastic granulators are consumable products to make recycled plastic granules from consumable products. Plastic granulator is usually a seamless and self-contained product. Moreover, after feeding raw materials into the machine, the machine will automatically complete and produce recycled plastic granules. 

Most of the recycled plastic granules are polymer molecules with high molecular weight and different regeneration properties. So, the plastic granulator is also named after the product properties such as pp, PVC, pe plastic granulator. 

How much does it cost to buy where?

Currently, in order to save production costs, all businesses equip with their own plastic granulators instead of hiring or hiring outsourcing before manufacturing as before. Moreover, with increasing demand, the types of plastic granulator have also become more popular and popular. Customers are also easier to learn and choose.

  • PET PLASTIC granulator
  • PP, PE, nylon shredder machine
  • Pet plastic shredder, plastic bottle shell
  • HDPE plastic shredder
  • ABS, PS plastic shredder
  • PVC shredder.

Application of plastic granulator

+ Application: PVC granulator, Plastic granulator can use raw plastic products or scrap, recovered plastic, recycled plastic, PVC, PET, PP, PE, HDPE, PS, ABS, PA, PET bottle flakes, PP, PE film etc.

Moreover, plastic granulators are made with many good points such as beautiful shape, round, bright. It can add many colors as you like, high quality, high output. Tan Hung Plastic Granules Company specializes in supplying PVC, PP, PPR, PE, HDPE, PS, ABS plastic machines… as follows:

  • Plastic injection machine
  • Distribution line for PVC/HDPE/PPR pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes
  • Production line for coiled pipes, chicken intestines, corrugated pipes, ribbed pipes, mesh pipes, electrical conduit

Moreover, the plastic granulator is a kind of plastic extrusion equipment. It heats the plastic raw material back to the liquid state, under the pressure of the device. It continuously extrudes through the extrusion die, and then cools down to a state. In addition, thick filament glass, and passing through a bead cutter, cut into cylindrical or elliptical plastic beads.

I. Construction of plastic granulator

Main motor of plastic granulators (Server)

The main engine of the plastic granulator is the extruder, which composes of an extrusion system. Moreover, a transmission system, a heating and cooling system, and finally a feeding system. Strong development of resources recycles and turn waste into treasure.

Extrusion system: consists of barrel, screw, mold and filter. Its function is to melt plastic materials in pieces, granules, powders, and blocks or other shapes. And then stabilized at temperature and pressure, measured by the screw and extruded from the mold.

Drive system. It is mainly composed of motor, reducer and belt. Its function is to drive the screw and make the screw achieve the parameter uniform torque and rotation speed of granulators. Given numbers (such as temperature, pressure and speed, etc.). Thereby extruding the product, we want.

Heating and cooling system. It mainly composes of a heater outside the barrel. A cooling element installed inside the screw. In addition, the function of this system is to heat or cool the screw barrel. Moreover, it ensures to the extrusion temperature of the product as required by the specification.

Feeding system. It mainly composes of a hopper and an automatic feeding device. It has the function of supplying the necessary materials for the extrusion system stably and continuously.

Auxiliary granulating machine (sub-granulator)


The main structure of the plastic granulators auxiliary machine is similar to the main machine. And its function is to continue the extrusion step and extrude the homogenous material.

Moreover, the difference lies in the plastic granulating mold which divides into 2 types, manual and automatic. The granulator needs to change the filter regularly to remove impurities. The extrusion mold usually has 18 holes. After the filter is blocked, the pressure of the extruder will be very high.

In addition, manually replacing the filter mesh will be more difficult than automatic. Using an electric mold instead of a manual mold will save us more time and effort. The mold construction of Auxiliary machines with diverse and rich models.

Uses of the granulators

With special screw design and different configurations, it is possible to produce plastic types: PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, and POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA and others other plastic for recycling and color mixing granulation. In addition, the reduction gearbox adopts high torque design which makes the machine work stably and without noise.

Moreover, the screw barrel specially hardens, wear-resistant, good mixing efficiency and high output. The vacuum exhaust pipe design or the design of the common pipe mouth, can release moisture and exhaust gas during the process. Production process makes the discharge material more stable. The plastic particles are more durable and ensure the excellent quality of the product.

The plastic granulators mainly use to process waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer bags, bags, etc.) Moreover, this is the most widely used and popular type of plastic recycling processing machine in the waste plastic recycling industry.

There are two ways to save energy. One is to save in the power part and the other is to save in the heating part.

Energy saving in power part: Mostly using inverter, save energy through residual energy of motor. For example, real power of granulators is 50 Hz. In addition, you actually only need 30 Hz is enough for production. The unspent energy will waste. So, the inverter will change the motor output power to achieve energy saving effect.

Energy saving in heating section: This part mainly uses electromagnetic heating device. Moreover, the energy saving rate is about 30%-70% compared with the old-fashioned resistor coil.

Features of plastic pelletizing machine

All recycled materials produced after sorting, crushing and cleaning will not need to be shaken, dried or sun-dried. And can use directly for both dry and wet purposes;

  • From raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding and finally granulating is all automated.
  • Make full use of high-pressure frictionless heating system in granulators to automatically generate heat, avoid continuous heating, save electricity and energy;
  • Moreover, using an automatic power distribution system to different places to ensure the normal and safe operation of the engine;
  • In addition, the screw barrel set is made of high quality and high strength carbon structural imported steel, with high strength;

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