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VietnamPlas | Topstar Injection Molding Integrated Solution Serves Vietnam Manufacturing

2023/10/25 By topstar

Expanding overseas business is becoming a new strategy for many enterprises to develop new markets. Topstar continuously improves the international service network, to provide more stable and efficient equipment and service support for customer production.

Recently, VietnamPlas was successfully held at SECC in Ho Chi Minh City. Topstar team meets with customers and friends again, and we introduce the whole plant intelligent upgrade service and the business concept of injection molding integration into the Vietnamese market.

In this exhibition, Topstar customized the “injection molding + automatic removal + mobile printing” router parts solution for the 3C industry. The parts produced on-site are beautiful and uniform in size.

The highlight of this solution is the system integration. On the control system panel independently developed by Topstar, you can see the production data of the injection molding machine and check the operation of all auxiliary machines. This realizes the linkage of equipment in the whole process of injection molding production and saves the operation time of staff. Topstar’s system integration program is simple to operate and easy to debug. This is the ideal choice for enterprises to realize rapid production in the initial stage.

As an intelligent equipment platform in industrial master machines, Topstar is committed to providing customers with intelligent equipment and full life cycle services. Continuously optimize the production process and improve production efficiency. Topstar will fully meet the localized procurement needs of customers so that customers’ overseas factories can carry out production work smoothly.

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