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What are the advantages of micro injection molding machine

2022/12/02 By 兰兹

micro injection molding machine

What are the advantages of micro injection molding machine

Injection molding machines have been around for over 100 years, but micro-injection molding machines have only recently started to become popular. Micro injection molding machines can offer a lot of benefits to many industries. Next, let Topstar take you to understand the advantages of the micro injection molding machine.

Higher productivity and better quality

Higher productivity:

Micro injection molding machines can increase your productivity by allowing you to produce more parts in less time. These machines’ increased speed and output make them ideal for mass production and prototyping.

Higher quality:

Microinjection molds have a higher level of accuracy than other types of molds, which means they produce better surface finishes on your parts. In addition to this benefit, they also have fewer defects due to the intricate nature of their design.

Better surface finish

Micro injection molding machines can produce a better surface finish than traditional injection molding machines. Why? Because they can make more minor features, which allows them to have tighter tolerances, and, therefore, a smoother finish. The ability to create tiny features also means that the quality of your parts will be higher, and the time it takes to make those parts will be shorter.


Micro injection molding is an efficient manufacturing method that can produce large volumes of parts at a lower cost than traditional injection molding.

As explained in the previous section, there are several ways in which a micro injection molding machine is more cost-effective than other methods. Here we’ll look at each one individually:

Lower Cost per Part

Higher efficiency means fewer parts are required to manufacture your product, thus lowering the cost per part. This is especially important, considering that most of your expenses come from raw materials, tools, and labor. Therefore, it is essential to use several methods to reduce these costs. This includes reducing scrap rates and setting and cooling times for each cycle through the furnace or oven.

Lower Equipment Cost

Micro-injection machines require less space than conventional machines due to their small size. Also, micro-molds have smaller dimensions; therefore, there isn’t an issue with a heating transfer like there might be with larger molds which require additional energy input into them (again contributing toward higher overall operating costs). This means less equipment needed overall which translates into lower upfront costs for getting started with micro-injection molding!

micro injection molding machine

Mold cleanliness

A micro injection molding machine is the best option to get a clean mold.

Mold cleaning is an integral part of the production process. It’s necessary to keep the surfaces of your molds clean and free from any particles which could lead to defects in the final product.

When you use micro injection molding machines, there are fewer chances that your molds will get dirty because of their fine-pitch design and high-pressure lubrication system.

Improved safety

Microinjection molding machines are safer than larger machines. Because the device is smaller and more compact, there’s less room for error. Each mold has a safety lock that prevents it from closing if an obstruction is present. This keeps workers safe from potential injuries that could occur if a closing machine traps a worker.

Additionally, these machines are easier to clean and maintain because they have fewer moving parts than larger ones. This means that there isn’t as much oil or grease in their systems which makes maintenance easier on your staff and the environment. They’re also safer because they don’t require as much maintenance time, so there’s less chance of injury while working on them!

Last but not least, micro-injection molding machines take up less space than large ones do! You can fit three or four of these puppies into one area where only one big boy would work before. This means you can get more done in less time (yay!).

The potential for 24/7 operation

Micro injection molding machines are capable of 24/7 operation. This can save time and money and improve productivity by allowing you to run your device when it’s most convenient for you (rather than having to schedule production around the work hours of workers). This is particularly valuable in industries with unpredictable demand, where it can be challenging to plan and meet deadlines.

Micro injection molding machines can offer a lot of benefits to many industries.

The micro injection molding machine is a machine that can offer a lot of benefits to many industries. This is because it has some unique features that make it suitable for different applications. For example, in the manufacturing industry, this type of machine can be used to manufacture small parts that are highly accurate and require intricate details. These machines have been proven to be very effective in producing high-quality products with smaller amounts of material than other manufacturing techniques allow.

Another benefit of micro injection molding machines is their ability to reduce waste production while still producing high-quality products at low costs compared to other methods, such as die casting or machining, which require more energy and time invested by workers during production processes, respectively.


Micro injection molding machines are a great way to get the job done. They can offer many benefits traditional injection molding machines cannot provide, such as higher productivity and better surface finish. With this technology becoming more widely available, it will only become more popular in the coming years.

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