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What are the features of CNC machine?

2024/04/13 By 兰兹

features of CNC machine

In addition to the production of injection molding machines, Topstar’s other main production is CNC machines. Suitable for automobiles, mold, medical equipment, and other industries. Topstar’s core CNC machine tool is the GMU five-axis series. So, in this article, we will mainly share the features of CNC machine.

Features of CNC machine: Fixed-beam gantry structure

The design method combining finite element analysis and dynamic optimization can greatly improve each machine tool component’s static and dynamic characteristics, ensure the machine tool’s overall rigidity, stability, and dynamic accuracy, and reduce vibration during manufacturing. CNC machines that adopt a fixed-beam gantry structure have a wider working range and can process large and complex workpieces under high dynamics while maintaining accuracy improving productivity and throughput in the manufacturing process. The fast movement and acceleration of fixed-beam gantry structures enable efficient machining operations while reducing cycle times.

features of CNC machine 2

Features of CNC machine: gear transmission rotary table technology

AFMING’s uniquely developed mechanically driven GTRT turntable technology is used for the first time among similar CNC machines. The A-axis adopts a double tooth rod anti-backlash drive, and the C-axis adopts a double worm + gear transmission, allowing the machine tool to exhibit stronger torque and higher rigidity. At the same time, it is combined with the original cradle torsion reduction technology to ensure the machine tool is operating normally. Achieve stronger output torque, higher rigidity, and stability. In addition, they feature ergonomic designs that enable close processing and visibility.

features of CNC machine 3

Features of CNC machine: Digital precision control

One of the features of CNC machine is the use of digital precision control to adjust the movement and positioning of the machine tool axis. High-resolution encoders and feedback devices can accurately measure and correct positioning errors, achieving more precise machining accuracy and repeatability. sex. The advanced control algorithm and programming capabilities can also easily realize complex machining operations such as contour, interpolation, and multi-axis machining. It can also continuously monitor and adjust machine parameters such as feed rate, spindle speed, and tool path to optimize processing efficiency and quality.

features of CNC machine 4

Programmable flexibility

CNC machine tools with programmable flexibility offer a range of adaptability that enhances manufacturing operations. They are highly versatile and capable of performing a variety of machining operations. It’s all done easily, from milling and turning to drilling, grinding, and more. The ability to program and customize machining operations enables manufacturers to produce various parts and assemblies without requiring specialized equipment. This flexibility also enables CNC machines to perform multi-axis machining operations, controlling multiple axes simultaneously to create complex part shapes and features. At the same time, we can quickly switch between processing settings and equip it with tools such as tool changers and workpiece clamping systems.

Remote monitoring and diagnostics

CNC machines with remote monitoring capabilities can monitor machine performance and status in real time from anywhere via an Internet connection. We leveraged sensors, data acquisition systems, and network connectivity on a unified integrated operator screen to give operators access to detailed information about machine operation, including spindle speed, feed rate, axis position, and tool wear. This can identify potential problems for maintenance.

The combination of high precision, high performance, and high efficiency

Topstar’s CNC machines are characterized by the combination of fixed-beam gantry structure and gear-driven turntable technology. This enables them to achieve stable processing performance under high dynamics with high precision, high performance, and high efficiency, and complete various high-surface quality products. Contour accuracy.

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