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Which injection molding machine is the most productive?

2024/04/12 By 兰兹

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Every manufacturing boss will pay attention to the production capacity of his workshop every day or even every quarter, which is directly related to profit income. In injection molding, the core equipment is the injection molding machine, which is the key to determining productivity and capacity. There are different configurations in various injection molding machines, so there will be differences in production capacity.

What factors are related to production capacity in injection molding?

The production capacity in injection molding is related to different factors. The first is the selection of raw materials. Different material types and qualities will directly affect molding, cycle time, and part quality. Next, mold design and structure will also have a certain impact on production capacity. The most important thing is the injection molding machine and its process parameters. Each type of injection molding machine affects cycle time and overall production efficiency in terms of injection accuracy, repeatability, and speed. It is also necessary to combine the settings of their process parameters including temperature, pressure, and injection speed to obtain higher productivity.

The relationship between production capacity and raw materials

The type of raw material selected will affect the production capacity of the injection molding machine. Different materials have different flow characteristics, viscosity, and melt temperature, directly affecting the injection molding process. For example, high-viscosity materials may require higher injection pressures and longer fill times, impacting the machine’s throughput and overall capacity. Their physical properties, such as melt flow index, shrinkage, and thermal conductivity, also affect the throughput of the injection molding machine. Using materials with a high melt flow index makes flowing through the injection device easier, resulting in faster fill times and higher throughput.

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The relationship between production capacity and mold design and structure

Different mold designs can affect part cycle times and thus productivity. While the mold’s structural integrity maintains consistent part quality, a rugged mold design can withstand the stresses and pressures of the injection molding process, reducing the likelihood of mold damage. If the mold you use is simple, it will help simplify the production process, increase productivity, and increase tenderness. Different clamping forces and injection pressures will also affect the final production capacity. The clamping force range that Topstar can provide is 90t-2200t, which can meet the production of different plastic products and the corresponding production capacity.

Relationship with injection molding machine type

Hydraulic injection molding machines are one of the more traditional types. They can provide strong clamping force and large injection capacity while being able to handle a variety of materials and applications, allowing the production of large plastic parts and high-volume production. However, they typically have longer cycle times than electric injection molding machines, thus affecting overall throughput and productivity and ultimately throughput.

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On the other hand, electric injection molding machines can precisely control the injection process, resulting in shorter cycle times and improved repeatability. Gain more throughput by utilizing electric servo motors for all machine functions including clamping, injection, and ejection for fast cycle times.

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Hybrid injection molding machines combine the best features of the two previous machines, achieving a balance between power, precision, and energy efficiency. Boasting the flexibility and performance of an electric motor with the robustness and power of a hydraulic system, it increases productivity while saving energy.

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Optimize injection molding machine process parameters to increase production capacity

During the entire injection molding process, parameters such as temperature, pressure, and injection speed can be adjusted in a targeted manner to increase output. Differences in temperature during injection molding will directly affect material flow and melt quality. Properly adjusted settings for barrel and mold temperatures ensure proper material viscosity and mold filling, resulting in faster cycle times and increased throughput. In addition, you can carefully adjust injection pressure and speed based on material properties and part requirements, allowing for optimal fill times while avoiding issues like burrs, sink marks, or warping. High injection speeds are beneficial for filling molds quickly, shortening molding cycle times, and increasing throughput if the material flow remains uniform and controlled.

Acquire production capacity based on circumstances

According to the description in the article, the production capacity of an injection molding machine is related to the type of machine used, clamping force, injection pressure, and raw materials used. Therefore, we cannot directly give a standard answer, but in the daily injection molding process, relevant injection molding parameters must be optimized to improve the overall production capacity further.

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