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What is the drying temperature range of the Topstar plastic hopper dryer?

2024/04/01 By 兰兹

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When using an injection molding machine to process parts, the role of the plastic hopper dryer is to ensure that the plastic material can maintain a certain degree of dryness before processing to ensure the quality of the product. When our users consult us about the integrated injection molding solution, they also ask about the drying temperature range of the plastic hopper dryer. Therefore, we will introduce it to you in detail in this guide.

The Importance of Drying Temperature in Injection Molding

The drying temperature will directly affect the moisture content of the plastic resin. If not adequately dried before injection molding, this moisture may cause defects such as spraying, bubbles, and surface defects in the final molded parts. In addition, the drying temperature affects the viscosity and flow characteristics of the molten plastic resin. High drying temperatures result in lower resin viscosity, making the resin more fluid and accessible to inject into the mold cavity. This way, the molded parts can have uniform sizes and smooth surfaces. On the contrary, if the drying temperature is insufficient, it will lead to resin degradation, poor flow and incomplete mold filling, rough product surface, etc.

Drying temperature range of plastic hopper dryer

Topstar uses a blowing hot air diffusion device on the plastic hopper dryer to ensure that the raw materials are evenly dried. Their drying temperature range is up to 130°C, covering a wide range of temperature and humidity settings suitable for different plastic resins. Ideal for engineering plastics or high-temperature materials that require elevated drying temperatures to achieve thorough drying. This temperature range ensures effective drying and enhances the flow characteristics of the molten resin during injection molding or extrusion.

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Optimizing the drying performance of plastic hopper dryers

Achieving optimal drying performance requires careful attention to drying temperature settings. The ideal temperature range may vary depending on the type of plastic material being processed, its moisture content, and the required drying time. It is also necessary to ensure proper airflow and circulation within the plastic hopper dryer to promote uniform drying of the resin pellets. Because proper airflow prevents the formation of hot spots and provides consistent drying throughout the hopper. Topstar’s plastic hopper dryer uses PID control to set the temperature, which can continuously monitor and control drying parameters such as temperature, airflow, and humidity, maintain precise control of drying conditions, and make real-time adjustments as needed.

Advantages of using PID to control drying temperature range

For the temperature setting of the plastic hopper dryer, we use a PID controller to maintain an accurate and stable temperature throughout the drying cycle. Unlike traditional on/off controllers, PID controllers continuously adjust the heating element to achieve and maintain the set temperature with minimal deviation. They also have faster response times and higher dynamic performance. By constantly monitoring temperature feedback from the sensor and making real-time adjustments to the heating element, the PID controller can quickly adjust to changes in resin properties or processing parameters. This flexibility allows you to customize drying temperature profiles for different materials, thereby increasing the efficiency and quality of the resin drying process during your operation.

Versatility in adapting to different materials

In addition to the PID control function, the Topstar plastic hopper dryer can also provide a flexible drying temperature range according to the specific requirements of different materials, including optimal dehumidification and resin drying for engineering plastics, commercial plastics, recycled materials, etc. It can also provide a variety of hopper capacities and configurations to adapt to different material volumes and processing needs. They range in maximum loading capacity to 400kg, allowing users to choose from a range of hopper sizes and configurations, whether operating in a small-scale production environment or a high-volume production facility.

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In summary

Topstar plastic hopper dryer has a maximum temperature range of 130°C and a loading capacity of 400kg. Our plastic hopper dryers give you precise temperature control, better drying performance, and increased productivity.

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