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Injection molding hopper dryer that integrates three functions

2024/04/03 By 兰兹

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One of the tasks that will be performed in any workshop that manufactures plastic products is the drying, conveying, and dehumidification of raw materials. These three tasks usually require three different pieces of equipment to complete, which wastes money, takes up space, is inefficient, etc. Topstar’s auxiliary equipment series can integrate these three functions into one injection molding hopper dryer. In this guide, we’ll introduce the concept of a three-function plastic hopper dryer and how it can improve your performance.

Drying function of Injection molding hopper dryer

The main function of the three-in-one injection molding machine hopper dryer is to dry plastic raw materials. We adopt a down-blowing air duct design in the drying hopper to prevent heat loss, improve drying efficiency, and control the resin particles in the hopper. Heat promotes the evaporation of water in its raw materials. The powerful airflow system evenly circulates hot air to the entire hopper chamber, drying the resin particles evenly and preventing local overheating or moisture retention. Each model has a honeycomb runner to obtain low dew point dry air with good stability. It can also precisely control the temperature through the PID temperature control system to ensure the stability of the dew point.

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Conveying function of injection plastic hopper dryer

As for the conveying function of the three-in-one injection molding hopper dryer, we combine it with a stainless steel two-stage or three-stage feeder, and the feeding system is equipped with a cut-off valve so that there is no residual raw material in the material pipe during the feeding process. They use compressed air to transport dry granules from the hopper dryer to the hopper of the injection molding machine through a network of sealed pipes. This approach offers several advantages, including reduced risk of contamination and increased flexibility in delivering pellets to multiple molding machines in a centralized production setup. This function can also adjust the conveying time through the controller.

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Dehumidification function of Injection molding hopper dryer

The last one is their dehumidification function, the core component of which is the ceramic honeycomb rotary dehumidifier. They can evenly grow moisture-absorbing silica gel and molecular sieves on the ceramic fiber, making it extremely hygroscopic. Therefore, using this wheel, the dehumidifier can reach a low dew point of -40°C and greatly improve efficiency. They pass moist air through a desiccant material or refrigeration coil, where the moisture condenses and is subsequently removed, leaving behind dry air to aid in drying. To optimize the dehumidification process, we can also monitor and adjust the humidity level in the drying chamber via the controller.

Enhance overall drying performance!

Integrating drying, conveying, and dehumidification functions into a single device simplifies your production process and reduces the need for separate drying, dehumidification, and conveying equipment. At the same time, optimized material preparation also helps improve overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, simplifies maintenance, and reduces energy consumption. In addition, it can also design an optical-grade three-in-one dehumidification dryer for optical-grade products. We stainless steel mirror polish all raw material contact surfaces of the optical-grade model and equip them with a closed-loop feeding system to prevent the dried raw materials from contacting the outside air and becoming damp again.

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Suitable applications

The three-in-one injection molding hopper dryer is suitable for drying and conveying raw materials in the injection molding industry, extrusion industry, medical industry, food industry, optical industry, electronics industry, automobile industry, etc. They are suitable for drying a wide range of resins including ABS, PET, PVC, and nylon, making them a versatile solution equipment for manufacturers with different production needs. Whether it is producing small precision parts or large structural parts, the injection plastic hopper dryer can ensure the quality and performance of the final product and is a high-quality and efficient drying and conveying system.


Integrating drying, conveying and dehumidification functions into an injection molding hopper dryer provides manufacturers with a simplified and efficient resin conditioning solution. The three-in-one injection molding hopper dryer can improve product quality, reduce production costs, and achieve a drying and conveying system with stable performance and low energy consumption.

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