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AFMING presents the GMU-900 CNC machine at CCMT2024!

2024/04/08 By topstar


On April 8, the 13th China CNC Machine Tool Show (CCMT2024) officially kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong).

AFMING, the holding subsidiary of Topstar, launched one innovative model and two popular models according to the needs of the local industry. In booth E3-A001, these machines with excellent performance and creative design attracted many visitors to stop and look. Many attendees were extremely interested in and recognized AFMING’s products.

GMU-900 Five-Axis Linkage Machining Center

GMU900 Five axis CNC machine

The GMU-900 five-axis linkage machining center launched by AFMING is designed for the high standard process demand of components in the new energy automobile and civil aviation fields.

The GMU-900 has been fully upgraded with key components such as the rotary table, spindle, and feed system. It not only improves the machine’s machining accuracy and speed but also achieves significant improvements in functionality and economy. The upgraded GMU-900 can easily cope with a wide range of machining situations and also brings a standard of high-quality precision machining to the industry.

Machine Highlights

  • GTRT gear-driven rotary table technology
  • A-axis torque 4142N.m, C-axis torque 1950N.m
  • Positioning accuracy: 8 arc seconds
  • Repeat positioning accuracy: 5 arc second
  • Maximum load capacity: 1000kgs

In addition to GMU900, AFMING also brings two advanced 5-axis linkage machining centers, GMU-600 and HMU-140P. AFMING demonstrates the solutions at the scene to facilitate the comparison of customers and meet the production needs of different customers in different fields by empowering the major application scenarios.

GMU-600 Five-Axis Linkage Machining Center

The machine tool adopts an overhead crane-type structural design, and the bed is a one-piece type, made of high-specification cast iron. X, Y, and Z linear axes run on the bed, the workpiece’s weight will not affect the dynamic performance of the linear axes. The moving parts are far away from the cutting processing area, which effectively reduces the failure rate of the moving parts.

GMU600 Five axis CNC machine

Machine Highlights

  • Equipped with the advanced HEIDENHAIN-iTNC640 control system to ensure meticulous control over the machining of complex workpieces.
  • The crown block structure ensures dynamic performance remains unaffected by the workpieces’ weight, guaranteeing consistent precision.
  • The A/C axes are supported on both walls for solid support stiffness.
  • Achieved multi-face milling easily by clamping the workpiece once, drastically reducing machining time.
  • Trusted across automotive, mold, and medical industries for its exceptional performance.

HMU-140P Five-Axis Linkage Machining Center

The main users of HMU-140P are civil aviation and new energy automobiles. Dynamically optimized by FEA, it is equipped with self-developed high rigidity and high torque gear rotary table and single pendulum milling head. The whole machine frame has excellent rigidity and sensitive movement. It can easily cope with the requirements of high-efficiency and high-precision machining of various material parts.

HMU140P Five axis CNC machine

Machine Highlights

  • Spindle head length of 850mm, suitable for in-depth machining of shell cavities.
  • The max. torque of the A-axis is equipped with the original gear drive structure, and the rated torque reaches 6500Nm.
  • Three-axis linear displacement speeds of 40 m/min and 60 m/min.
  • Acceleration in three axes up to 0.6G.

CCMT will continue to be in full swing until April 12, and the excitement on site will continue to intensify. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth E3-A001 to discuss the latest technology and solutions for precision machining.

Topstar’s corporate mission is to “make industrial manufacturing better”. Topstar adheres to the vision of “making industrial manufacturing better” and creates an intelligent hardware platform driven by core technologies through intelligent equipment centered on industrial robots, injection molding machines, and five-axis CNC machines, as well as three core technologies of control, servo, and vision, to provide manufacturing enterprises with an overall intelligent factory solution.

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