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AP-RubberPlas | Topstar’s process machine, PET solution in the spotlight

2023/07/26 By topstar


On July 21st, the 20th AP-RubberPlas was successfully concluded at Qingdao World Expo City International Exhibition Center. Topstar brought three injection molding machines, the TMII series, TS series, and PET professional series to Qingdao. The new injection molding concept of “process machine” once launched attracted the audience to stop and observe.

In the AP-RubberPlas, Topstar demonstrated solutions for wide-mouth bottle preforms, storage boxes, and rice husk cups. Our technical support covers the fields of packaging, daily necessities, environmentally friendly new material applications, etc. Customers warmly welcomed and exchanged process and production start-up matters.

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The concept of “process machine” is recognized

Topstar’s “Process Machine” differs from the traditional injection molding machine research and development concept, which is based on the customer’s production demand, through the linkage control system to realize the orderly work between the injection molding machine and auxiliary machines.
“Process Machine” optimizes the whole cycle of injection molding and improves the process control ability, which not only effectively improves the product yield rate and production efficiency, but also reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment and facilitates the user’s operation

TS series injection molding machine solves the defect of “rice husk material molding”

Biodegradable products are gradually becoming an integral part of low-carbon life. Rice husk fiber products are environmentally friendly, heat-resistant, novel in appearance, and fully degradable.
This material requires a high degree of precision and stability in production, and injection molding machines must overcome the challenges of material viscosity and fluidity. This solution successfully breaks through the material limitations to ensure product consistency and fineness.

PET injection molding machine to improve product yield rate

In this exhibition, Topstar’s PET injection molding machine has become a major highlight. PET is widely used in the packaging of carbonated beverages, bottled water, condiments, cosmetics, white wine, dried fruits and candies, etc. After special treatment, hot-filled bottles can also be used for packaging fruit juice and tea drinks.

The Topstar TM220II-PET injection molding machine is highly powerful and configured with a special PET screw that enables rapid cooling and shrinkage control of preforms. It effectively reduces the plasticizing temperature and AA value, improving the preform shrinkage. This fully guarantees the safety and strength requirements of preforms.
This solution helps customers improve productivity and product yields and provides flexibility and sustainability to meet their needs in the production of different PET products.

At the 20th AP-RubberPlas, Topstar actively responds to customer needs and will continue to commit to technological innovation and product optimization to provide customers with more excellent injection molding solutions.

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