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TM Series Benchtop Injection Molding Machine

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Benchtop Injection Molding Machine

Benchtop injection molding machine concept

Benchtop injection molding machine is a term used to refer to a specialized machine used in many manufacturing industries for creating plastic products. Furthermore, it is series based on automatic injection molding and injection mechanism.

Benchtop Injection Molding Machine

The principle of operation of this injection molding machine is to keep the mold closed while pushing the molten plastic by pressure into the injection inside the mold core. Then, fill the mold cavity and open the mold after cooling the product and push the product out through the glazing system.

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benchtop injection molding machine Structure by 2 main parts:

· Mold clamp: is responsible for fixing the mold, creating a large force to keep the mold filled with plastic into the mold cavity and push the product out of the mold.

Benchtop Injection Molding Machine 2021

Plastic injection part: is designed in the form of a feeding hopper, helping to put plastic particles into the benchtop injection molding machine to melt.

Thanks to the screw device, it creates pressure, pushing the plastic into the mold cavity by the nozzle.

In addition, another important and indispensable part of the plastic injection molding machine’s structure is the circular slider. The application of this linear guide device helps the plastic injection molding machine to have a

  • gentle,
  • smooth,
  • smooth movement,
  • Similarly, low noise,
  • and low friction,

ensuring high transmission efficiency, increasing plastic injection molding productivity.

In addition, these highly precise linear movements are very flexible, allowing long-lasting, continuous, stable operation, and even when running at high speeds, optimal efficiency is achieved.

Classification of plastic injection machines

Although they have the same basic structure and operating principles, there are many types of benchtop injection molding machines on the market today with different designs, designs, and functions. Some of the main types of plastic injection molding machines that are widely used include:

  • Vertical injection molding machine
  • Horizontal plastic injection machine
  • Mini plastic injection machine
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  • Industrial plastic injection machine

The benefits of using plastic injection molding machines

molding machines have many advantages and outstanding features, bringing many practical benefits when applying this device to the injection molding technology line such as:

molding machines can mold a variety of plastics, including flexible plastics, thermosetting plastics…

Plastic injection machine with automatic plastic injection cycle, saving labor and time, bringing high working productivity

Does not require skilled workers.

 Because it is controlled automatically according to a pre-programmed program from the computer. The benchtop injection molding machine operator is only responsible for monitoring and checking the plastic injection molding process.

Molded plastic products meet quality technical standards, are true to the original sample size, have high aesthetics

Application range of various types of plastic injection machines

Along with the increasing demand for plastic injection of manufacturing industries, the application range of plastic injection machines has also become more and more popular and widespread in many different industries and fields such as:

These machines in the production and packaging of plastic packaging: blister packaging, batteries, toys, household appliances, stationery, electronics, etc.

plastic injection machines in the food packaging industry (production of fast food boxes, cake boxes, fruit trays.

  • benchtop injection molding machine in the pharmaceutical industry
  • manufacturing drug packaging,
  • blister packs, etc.

Application of benchtop injection molding machine in the decoration industry

Application of plastic injection molding machines in the decoration industry (plastic ceilings, partitions, materials, sanitary ware.

There are a variety of plastic injection molding machines that are used for the production and manufacturing of plastic products. Hydraulic plastic injection molding machines and electric plastic injection molding machines are very popular.

So how do hydraulic plastic injection molding machines and electric plastic injection molding machines work, along with their advantages and disadvantages, please continue to follow the content of this article?

Hydraulic plastic injection molding machine

Hydraulic benchtop injection molding machine is the most popular typical machine used by professional plastic injection companies in Vietnam and the world.

A hydraulic plastic injection molding machine is a machine that uses a hydraulic system to open and close the mold and maintain the clamping force of the mold.

The structure of the injection molding machine hydraulic system includes pump, valve, motor, pipeline, and oil tank… Furthermore, these parts operate to create a specific role of the hydraulic system with its characteristics.

 That plastic injection machine is in addition to opening and closing and maintaining the clamping force of the mold, it is for the screw to rotate, moving back and forth to create a force for the pushpin.

Hydraulic plastic injection molding machine


  1. Has fast mold opening and closing speed, saving pressing cycle time
  2. Also, the injection pressure and mold clamping force are large.
  3. Moreover, does not cause the mold parting surface to break.
  4. Furthermore, Investment costs for hydraulic presses are lower than electric presses.

Disadvantages of the benchtop injection molding machine

  • The ability to save energy is not as good as electric presses
  • Also, A large weight, low cost of operating oil
  • Moreover, an Electric plastic injection molding machine

Servo motor is to provide the necessary movement force for machinery when operating. Electric benchtop injection molding machines equipped with Servo motors have the same role as the hydraulic system of hydraulic injection molding machines. Similarly, it can control the back and forth motion of the screw.

Power consumption compared to hydraulic presses.

Good power saving ability, about 20% – 40% power consumption compared to hydraulic presses. Because the Servo motor only works and generates waste when it is necessary to close, open the mold and move the screw.

Small weight because there is no pump, valve, pipeline, so the design of the machine is quite neat.

No extra oil is used, thus saving an additional cost

Accurate and safe travel distance, quiet operation.


Injection molding force and small mold clamping force are not suitable for products that require large forces. Similarly, these are easy to flatten the parting surface.

Working productivity is not high because the opening and closing time by Servo motor is quite expensive.


The investment cost of purchasing an electric benchtop injection molding machine is much higher than that of hydraulic systems. Each model has its advantages and limitations. Therefore, the selection of machinery should be based on specific plastic injection job orientation.

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