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Chen Wenming, secretary of the party group and chairman of the CPPCC of Dongguan City, visited Topstar for research

2022/06/16 By topstar

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Recently, to help Dongguan win the battle for stable growth. Members of Dongguan CPPCC’s leading group actively conducted research and visits. Launch the second work round related to “visiting enterprises, listening to needs, and solving difficult problems.”

Chen Wenming, Party Leadership Group Secretary and Dongguan CPPCC Chairman, visited Topstar.

On June 8, 2022, Chen Wenming, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of Dongguan CPPCC, visited Topstar. Understand the enterprise’s development, listen to its voice and appeal, and take it as the opinions and suggestions of the enterprise. Zhang Bahai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalingshan Town, and Deng Xiaoqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Dalingshan Town, accompanied the investigation.

Wu Fengli, chairman of Topstar, received the visiting group and reported on the company’s production and operation, scientific and technological innovation, talent introduction, and epidemic prevention and control. He said that the development of Topstar is inseparable from the guidance and support of the government. Dongguan is a manufacturing city, and its high-quality innovation and entrepreneurial environment provide fertile ground for the company’s development. At present, Topstar is continuing to increase R&D investment. And introduce talents specialized in polishing industrial robots, injection molding machines, five-axis CNC machine tools, and other intelligent equipment. To help the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Leaders in the survey affirmed Topstar.

During the survey, Chen Wenming affirmed Topstar’s achievements in intelligent manufacturing. They listened to the opinions carefully and responded positively to the demands of the enterprise. He encouraged enterprises to strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities, and innovate continuously. Make more significant contributions to Dongguan’s economic development.

visit the exhibition hall
Visit the exhibition hall.

Injection molding machine and controller, etc

Topstar was founded in 2007. The three core technologies are CNC, servo driver and vision system at the core of industrial robot, injection molding machine, and controller. Provide innovative factory solutions for manufacturing enterprises and create a technology-driven innovative hardware platform. As of December 2021, the company has set up nearly 40 offices nationwide. Reaching more than 200,000 customers and serving more than 15,000 customers.

injection molding machine and controller

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